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Are you planting flower bulbs the easy way? A  bulb planter can help you! I recently wrote a blog post about the flower bulb season being here and how between August and October is a good time to plant your flower bulbs. Incidentally, I have actually planted bulbs almost up till Christmas time, however, ideally, I would try and have your flower bulbs planted by the end of October.

Over the years I have seen many people making simple tasks in the garden difficult, there is no need for this if you have the right tools, within reason! One tool that can help you with your garden is a bulb planting tool. Providing you are not on very heavy ground a bulb planting tool can make your job much easier. However last year I was planting bulbs and because the ground was particularly heavy I actually had to use a garden spade to dig each hole individually.

Depending on where I am planting bulbs if the area is clear I will often rotovate the ground with a mechanical rotovator, this makes the ground much looser and easier for bulb planting.

Obviously, if you have lots of plants or a prized lawn this may not be possible.

Here are a few bulb planters that we have on our website.

Kent And Stowe – Small Bulb Planter

Kent And Stowe – Small Bulb Planter

First of all, we have the Kent And Stowe – Small Bulb Planter, this is a very small one-handed bulb planter, ideal for planting snowdrops, crocus and grape hyacinths. The plant is made from stainless steel which will stop the planter rusting and has a moulded ash handle for ultimate comfort. You can read more about the Kent And Stowe – Small Bulb Planter here.

Heavy Duty Bulb Planter

Heavy Duty Bulb Planter

Our next bulb planter is much more heavy duty than the previous one. This takes the hard work and effort out of bulb planting, the mechanism of action helps to reduce fatigue on the operator. This is a great gift for any keen garden to add to his collection of garden tools. You can find more information on the heavy duty bulb garden planter here.

Heavy Duty Long Handled Bulb Planter

Heavy Duty Long Handled Bulb Planter

Finally, we have the very straightforward long handled heavy-duty bulb planter. The long handle takes the pain out of bulb planting and helps to reduce strain on your back which is very important for me! This simple designed tool will speed up the bulb planting process considerably and is something that can be used year after year,

For more information on the heavy-duty long-handled bulb planter please click here. 

For more information on the long handled heavy-duty bulb planter please click here.

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