Norman Wisdom Sweet Pea Seeds

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Very Free-flowering Sweet Pea Variety With A Wonderful Perfume. Sweet Pea Norman Wisdom Has Great Vigour Producing Long, Strong Stems With Excellent Placement Of Blooms. Large Frilly Flowers, Superb For A Vase That You Have At Home.sowing Seedsplace Canes Or A Trellis Above Where You Want To Sow Your Sweet Peas. Your Seed Pack Will Tell You How Far Apart To Sow Seeds. Position Two Seeds At Each Station And Pick Out The Weakest Seedling When The Two Start To Grow, Leaving The Strongest Seed To Grow On. if You Want Your Sweet Pea Seeds To Germinate Quickly You Can Put Down a Horticultural Fleece over The Soil – This Helps Retain The Heat In The Soil, And Doubles Up As Protection From Hungry Seed-eating Mice.

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Product Name: Norman Wisdom Sweet Pea Seeds
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Category: Sweet Pea Seeds
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