Juliette Seed Potatoes

Juliette Seed Potatoes
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disease-freeharvest In Large Numbersprize Salad Potatochoose The Charming-sounding And Even Better-tasting Juliette, giving Creamy, Long Oval potatoes Have A Superb Flavour Eaten When Warm From Steaming Or Boilingwe believe they Are A taste Sensation In A Potato Salad Flavoured With Mayonnaise And A Few Freshly Chopper Chives.look Forward To Lots Of Potatoes From Every Potato Plant. This Variety Is Particularly Productive And So Rewarding To The Home-grower.juliette Is Prized For Its Good Blight And Eelworm Resistance. this Means You Can Look Forward To Unblemished Potato As You Pick Them Out The Ground.

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Product Name: Juliette Seed Potatoes
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Category: Seed Potatoes
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