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Tomato Sweet Million – Grafted Plants

Grafted Tomato Plants For Stronger Plants, Higher Yields And Greater Disease Resistancemany Of Us Have Small Gardens With Growing Space At A Premium Which May Mean That We Can't Rotate Crops As We Would Like.grafting Combines A Hardy Base Plant Highly Resistant To Soilborne Disease, Grafted Onto A Variety With Superior Flavoured Fruit. Grafted Stems Are Held Together With A Clip Until The Cell Structures Knit Together Producing A Strong Disease Resistant Plant. Enabling You To Plant In The Same Spot Year After Year.grafted Tomatoes Have Been Grown Commercially For Many Years Because They:-are Much More Vigorous, Producing Larger, Stronger Plants -are Less Susceptible To Nutritional Disorders-have Greater Resistance To Pests And Diseases-produce Fruit Earlier (by 2-3 Weeks)-give Higher Yields Of Top Quality Fruit Over A Longer Period Compared With Normal Plants-are Particularly Recommended For Greenhouse Growing, Especially If Planted Directly Into The Will Be Amazed As The Plants Reach Their Full Potential And Produce Amazingly Healthy Plants And Bumper Crops Of Delicious Tomatoes. supplied As Well-rooted Young Plants In 7cm Potsweet Million Is An Easy-growing, Free-setting Cherry Tomato With A High Sugar Content. Produces Masses Of Bite-sized, Richly Coloured Fruits. This Variety Is Perfect Suited To Our Greenhouse Gro-bedstm, As The Increased Depth Allows For Bigger, Stronger Plants To Develop.when You Receive Your Tomato Plants By Post, Water Lightly, Then Plant Them Up In Small Pots. If The Stem Tip Is Bent, Rest Assured, It Will Quickly Right Itself When Exposed To Daylight To Grow Straight And Upright. read Our Blog For More Information On Why Tomato Plants Do This.