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‘water Retaining Gel & Feed-all Plant Food’

Save £2 With This Super Money Saving Combo Pack!combo Pack Contains:water Retaining Gel (250 Gms) -specially Formulated Water-retaining Gel For All Your Containers And Hanging Baskets.hold 400 Times Its Own Weight In Water releases Water To Plant Roots As Required reduces Plant Stress Through Lack Of Water, Retaining Flowers Longer crystals Re-absorb At Each Watering sufficient For 50 Litres Of Compostfeed-all Plant Food (350 Gms) – Easy To Use Granules Ideal For Pots, Hanging Baskets And Borders.promotes Active Healthy Roots, Greener Foliage And Abundant Flowers release Of Nutrients Is Temperature Controlled. More Fertiliser Is Released During Hot Weather When Plants Grow Rapidly. in Cooler Periods Release Rate Slows Down one Application Feeds Plants For Up To Six Months n P K 14:5:27