Category: Broad Bean Seeds


Broad Bean Suprifin – Seeds

Suprifin Is A Great High Yielding Borad Bean With Fantastic Resistance To Problematic Diseases Such As Halo Blight And Chocolate Has A Long Harvest Period And Produces Approximately 5-6 Beans Per Pod Making It As Must Have For Every Garden.


Broad Bean Statissa – Seeds

The First Of Its Kind, A Broad Bean That You Can Cook And Eat In Its Pod Just Like A Mange-tout Pea!statissa Has Very Delicate Fine Beans Wiht A Thin Pod, That Allows You To Cook And Eat The Pod And Beans All In One.if You Leave Statissa To Fully Mature, The Beans Have An Exquisite Flavour And Are Fantastic When Added To Salads Or Just Steamed And Eaten!


Broad Bean Greeny – Seeds

A Great Broad Bean That Holds Its Pods Upright On The Plant, Making Them Easier To Pick.greeny Produces High Yields Of Great Quality Fine Beans With An Excellent Flavour.these Broad Beans Make A Delicious Accompaniment Eaten Hot Or Cold.