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Slugs Nogo – Copper Coated Mats X5

Get These Easy-to-fit Mats For Your Fruiting Strawberry Plants And It’s A Great Organic Way Of Keeping Slugs And Snails Away From Your Choice Crops.these Circular Discs, 30cm (12in) In Diameter, Fit Snugly Around Strawberries Plants And Protect Them Against Slugs And Snails For Several Seasons, So You Can Rest Assured You Won’t Be Seeing Damage From These Pests.each Disc Has A Copper Coating On One Side That Acts As A Kind Of ‘electric Fence’ For Slugs Because Of The Metallic Charge In The Copper.the Triple-purpose Discs Are Great – Not Only Do They Keep Slugs And Snails Away, You Get The Added Bonus That They Keep The Fruit Clean And Away From The Soil, And Keep The Soil Underneath Warm To Create An Ideal Root Environment, For Greater Growth And Could Even Try Using The Discs Around Ornamentals Like Hostas, To Keep The Slugs And Snails Away.