Westland Aquatic Compost

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Buy Aquatic Compost So That Your Pond Plants Get The Best Soil Conditions For Their Roots. When The Soil Conditions Are Right, Aquatic Plants Are Happy To Flower And Truly Thrive. Aquatic Compost Contains A Special Formula To Ensure Pond Plants Grow And Develop Well.the Bag Of Specially-formulated Compost;is Loam Based – This Means That The Soil Retains All The Nutrients Pond Plants Need To Put Out Lush Foliage And Attractive Flowerscontains Grit – Added So That Pond Plants Get The Anchorage They Need. With Sufficient Root Stability Plants Will Establish In A Designated Area Of Your Pond So You Can Pack Lots Of Plants All Around Your Pond Without Them Straying.releases Nutrients Slowly – This Means That Your Pond Plants Use Up The Correct Level Of Nutrients Over A Long Period Of Time And The Nutrients Are Not Wasted, Leaching Into The Surrounding Pond Waterfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply.

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Product Name: Westland Aquatic Compost
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Category: Pond Care
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