Nectarine Tree – Flat – Doughtnut Shaped X1

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Easy-eating Sweet Flat, Doughnut-shaped Variety, With Smooth Skin. Grow This Variety In Full Sun To Get Great Harvests And Super-sweet Sun-ripe Fruit.our Fruit Trees Are Expertly Trained So They Have Strong Main Branches, Ready To Fruit Heavily Once Planted And Well-established. Our Varieties Are Specially Grafted Onto Roots That Keep Trees Smaller For Easier Harvests, While Maintaining Impressive Yields.this Popular And Tasty Variety Is Self-fertile (sf) So It Flowers And Fruits Independently. They Produce Fruit, Even When Planted In Isolation.

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Product Name: Nectarine Tree – Flat – Doughtnut Shaped X1
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Category: Growing Fruit Trees
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