Medium Square 2ltr Aquatic Planters X 3

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Pack Of 3 Square 2ltr Aquatic Planters. Dimensions: 19 X 19 X 9cmour Aquatic Planters Are Perfect For Helping You Make Your Pond Look Natural And Colourful And Your Garden Ultimately Wildlife-friendly With Beautiful Pond Plants!this Pack Contains 3 Medium Square Aquatic Planters, Which Are Ideal For Planting Medium To Large Pond-side And Marginal Plants, Such As Iris Pseudacorus , Zantedeschia Aethiopica (arum Lily) And Houttuynia Cordata (chameleon Plant), Just To Name A Few. They're Also Suitable For Under-water Plantings, Including Water Lillies.our Aquatic Planters Are Specifically Designed For Pond Planting In Various Sections Of The Pond, Including Under-water, Marginal And Pond-side In Colour, They're Discreet When Submerged In The Water As Well As Positioned At The Pond-side, And Made From Recycled Plastic With Added Rubber, They're Flexible And Long-lasting Too.also Available In A Collection Of Various Aquatic Planter Sizes – Click Here.use With Aquatic Compost And Gravel. Read Detailed Instructions On How To Plant And Grow Pond Plants Here.

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Product Name: Medium Square 2ltr Aquatic Planters X 3
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Category: Pond Care
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