Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost 40l

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Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost Is Perfect For Seed Sowing, Potting, Planting And Containers.it Contains A Blend Of The Finest 100% Natural Ingredients To Create A Pure And Balanced Growing Medium, Which Produces Superb Natural Growth And Exceptional Health For Plants And Blooms All Around Your House And Garden.jack's Magic Is A Specially-formulated Peat-based Compost Enriched With Organic Fertiliser To Feed Your Plants For The First 4-5 Weeks After Potting. Jack's magic Formula Includes A Natural Seaweed Extract That Improves Seed Germination & Establishment, Improves Root Development, Enhances Flower, Fruit And Vegetable Quality, And Builds Long Lasting Plant Vitality.high Percentage Of Peatimproves Germination And Establishmentimproves Root Developmentenhances Flower, Fruit And Vegetable Qualitybuild Long Lasting Plant Vitalityfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply.

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Product Name: Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost 40l
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Category: Growing Vegetable Plants
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