Italian Pizza Herb Complete Planting Set

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The Plant Collection Includes 6 Plants, 1 Each Of: thyme Silver Queen, chives, rosemary, salvia Fortado (green Sage), oregano Vulgare And mushroom Herb (rungia Klossii).thyme Silver Queen: Exceptional Fragrance And Flavour, Thyme Is A Must For All Italian Inspired Dishes! The Perfect Culinary Herb.chives: With A Delicate Onion Flavour, Chives Makes A Perfect Addition To The Italian Pizza Herb Collection. Emerald Green In Colour, Chives Adds A Hint Of Onion To Any Dish And Works Well Alongside Tomatoes.rosemary: With Both Culinary And Medicinal Uses, Rosemary Is Perfect In Italian Sauces And Can Also Be Used For Flavouring Oil And Vinegar. Produces Masses Of Blue Flowers Which Look Beautiful In The Collection.salvia Fortado (green Sage): Produces Beautiful, Bushy Plants With Lots Of Leaves. Gives A Real Sagey Flavour. Slightly Peppery, Its Perfect Paired With Rosemary And Thyme.oregano Vulgare: Very Easy To Grow, Lovely To Use In Italian Or Greek-inspired Dishes. Dry Your Oregano To Make More Flavourful. Excellent With Grilled, Roasted Or Fried Vegetables Or Meat, And Also Combines Well With Spicier Foods.mushroom Herb (rungia Klossii): The New, Tender Perennial Mushroom Herb (rungia Klossii) Is An Unusual Variety That Is New To Unwins And Has Glossy, Green Leaves With A Unique Mushroom Flavour. Rungia Klossii Is A Quick Growing Herb Which Is Packed Full Of Iron And Vitamin C. Perfect For Mushroom Flavouring Without The Texture Of A Mushroom.included In The Complete Growing Solution Is A 10l Bag Of Grosure Container & Basket Compost Which Is Great To Use For Containers And Hanging Baskets In The Garden. Its High Performance, Light Weight Formula Delivers Unrivalled Results In Plant Health, Flower Development And Root Density. plus A Barrel Planter Which Is Suitable For Use Both In And Outdoors. The Versatile, Dark Brown Barrel Planter Offers A Variety Of Uses And Can Be Planted With Fruit Bushes, Vegetables Or Pa

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Italian Pizza Herb Complete Planting Set
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Category: Herb Plants
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