Grosure All Purpose Compost 50l

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Gro-sure All Purpose Compost With 4 Month Feedfeeds Your Plants For 4 Monthssuperior Moisture Control – Reduces Need For Frequent Wateringperfect For Potting, Planting & Containerspromotes Season-long Floweringgro-sure All-purpose Compost Is The Ultimate In Growing Media, Specially Formulated To Feed Your Plants For Up To 4 Months And Perfect For Use All Around The Garden. Its High Performance, Light-weight Formula Delivers Unrivaled Results In Plant Health, Flower And Root Development.gro-sure All-purpose Compost Is Easier To Re-wet, Retains Moisture And Drains Easily And Is 50% Lighter Than Standard Multi-purpose Compost Making It Easier To Transport Round The Home And Garden.for Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply.

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Grosure All Purpose Compost 50l
Price: GBP6.99 Click to verify price.
Category: Compost
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