Grazers Slugs & Snails- Plus Grazers Rabbit Pigeon And Deer Deterrent!

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Amazing New Deal: Buy Grazers Slugs & Snails Plus Grazers Rabbit, Pigeon And Deer Deterrent Together For Only £14.90 Save £4.00slugs & Snails 750ml   Rabbit, Pigeon And Deer Deterrent 375mlgrazers Slugs & Snails:at Last The Supplier Of Grazers Has Now Come Up With A Formula That Is Effective On The Gardeners No.1 Pests: Slugs And Snails.this Unique Product Addresses Two Of The Biggest Issues To The Gardener Today.1. Effective Control Of A Destructive And Persistent Pest.2. Safe Product That Will Not Harm The Environment.grazers Slugs & Snails Is Sprayed Directly On To The Foliage And Is Absorbed By The Plant For Longer Lasting Control And Will Treat An Area Of 30sqm And Will Significantly Reduce The Damage Caused By Slugs And Snails Without Damaging The Environment. Can Be Used On Both Edible And Ornamental Plants And Is Totally Harmless To People, Pets And The Planet. As Well As Being An Effective Defence Against Slugs And Snails This Formula Will Also Strengthen And Stimulate The Growth Of The Your To Use On Edible And Ornamental Plants.harmless To People, Pets And The Planet.strengthens And Stimulates Growth.absorbed Into The Foliage For Longer Lasting Controleasy Ready To Use Spray, No Dilution Necessarytreats An Area Of Plants Up To 30sqmgrazers, Rabbit, Pigeon And Deer Detterent:grazers Is A Spray-on Animal Deterrent That Really Works. It's Perfect For Use On Your Allotment Or Vegetable Patch If Your Plants Regularly Come Under Attack From Rabbits, Pigeons, Deer And Even Works By Making The Foliage Unpalatable To Most Grazing Animals, Effectively Deterring Rather Than Harming Wildlife And Is Also Completely Harmless To Humans And Pets. It Also Contains Trace Elements That Will Actually Help Heal Damaged Plants. Ideal For Use On The Veg Plot, Lawns And Ornamental Plants And Is Completely Odourless Application Will Last Up To 6 Weeks.·should Be Applied To The Foliage O

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Product Name: Grazers Slugs & Snails- Plus Grazers Rabbit Pigeon And Deer Deterrent!
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Category: Vegetable Garden
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