Garden Performance Brassica Plants Collection (4×8 Plants)

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Garden Performance brassica Plant Collection Includes our Best-selling Most Reliable Performing Brassica Into One Ultimate collection. If You Love Brussels, Calabrese, Kale And Cabbage, You’ll simply Love This Collection. you Shall Receive 4 Plant Varieties, 8 Of Each Variety:brussels ‘clodius’ Has Excellent Flavour, Forming Solidround Sprouts With Good Powdery Mildew Resistancecalabrese ‘marathon’ Produces Medium Size,uniform, Dense Heads Of Bluish-green ‘beads’kale ‘black Magic’ Has Improved Cold Tolerance and Bolt Resistance, Can Be Used At Baby Leaf Stagecabbage ‘duncan’ Produces Leafy Greens From october To March And Hearted Spring Cabbages through To June

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Garden Performance Brassica Plants Collection (4×8 Plants)
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Category: Growing Fruit Trees
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