Extra Saver Asparagus Collection

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Order Today And enjoy Delicious Crops Of Homegrown Asparagus for Years To Come!all Of Our Asparagus varieties Have been Selected For Being One Of The Very Best Varieties Available. They're Fully Hardy And Crop Every Year, So You Can Enjoy Delicious homegrown Asparagus For At Least 10 Years, And More Likely 20!collection Includes 30 Crowns:10 X Asparagus Pacific 2000asparagus pacific 2000 is Acknowledged As The Benchmark Variety For Flavour In Our Trials, With Excellent Spear And Head Qualities. Crops From Early April – Mid June.10 X Asparagus Ariane asparagus Ariane Has Good-looking Stems And And Distinctive, Full Flavour. This Purple-topped Beauty Came First In Our Trials Of Over 250 Varieties. Crops From Late April – Late June.10 X Asparagus Milleniumasparagus Millenium Produces Slim, Tender Heads And Spears Of Comparable Quality To Early Season Varieties, Putting It In A Class Of Its Own In The Late Season Asparagus Bed. Crops From Mid May – End June.

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Product Name: Extra Saver Asparagus Collection
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