Blueberry Bush – Powder Blue 1ltr

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A Prolific Fruit-bush Giving Bags Of Super-food Blueberries Throughout The Summer. The Leaves Also Go Fiery-red In Autumn So Makes A Great Ornamental In Autumn.our blueberry powder Blue plants Are Delivered To You In One Litre Pots.during The Winter, Keep Them In A Light Position Protected From Frost And water These Plants Only When The Soil Is Dry To The Touch so That You Are Keeping The Soil Moist But Never The Weather Warms Up In Spring You Can Water More And Repot Into Larger Containers Or In The Ground Once The Soil Is Warmer Too. The Warmth Will Encourage healthy stem And Leaf Growth.when You See The Plant Coming Into Flower Feed With A High-potassium Fertiliser.

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Blueberry Bush – Powder Blue 1ltr
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Category: Growing Flower Seeds & Plants
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