Asparagus Crowns Amaro Montina X10

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10 Crowns Of Lovely, Succulent Delicate Spears Appear In The Spring; Simply Cut The Base Of The Spears And Enjoy Simply With Olive Oil Or With A Fresh Hollandaise Sauce.this Variety Has Withstood The Tests Of Time, With Italian Ancestry It’s Been Used In Cooking For Centuries.resistant To Rust And Fusarium Wilt, This Variety Is Robust As Well As Productive, Giving You Increased Harvests Year After Year. What’s More, The Top Chefs Use This Variety For Their Masterchef-worthy Meals.asparagus Is A Perennial Vegetable Meaning You Won’t Need To Keep Planting Each Year Like Potatoes.harvest In Earnest Only After Two Years From Planting. You Can Harvest One Or Two Spears In The First Year – To Whet Your Appetite, But Asparagus Performs Better If You Leave The Plants To Bulk Up. after The First Year You Can Expect To Harvest Up To 15 Spears Or More In Subsequent Years If You Leave Them To Develop In The First Year. 

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Product Name: Asparagus Crowns Amaro Montina X10
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