Albert Bartlett Seed Potato, Connoisseur Collection

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Vivaldi – Second Early Vivaldi Is A Firm Multi Purpose Variety With A Delicious Flavour And Is Widely Rated For Its Taste And Velvety Texture, Produces High Yields Of Attractive Potatoes Which Hold Their Shape Whether Hot Or Cold. Can Also Be Grown As Salads And Main Crop Potatoes.anya – Salad It Is A Distinctive Variety With A Firm Waxy Texture And Knobbly Appearance. It Is A Very Popular Salad Potato.rooster – Maincrop Rooster Has Become One Of The Best Sellers In Recent Years. They Are Great All-rounders With Red Skin, Shallow Eyes And Fluffy Flesh You Can Bake It, Boil It, Mash It, Roast It Or Fry It.pre Planting Potato Fertiliser – Get The Very Best From Your Potato Crop Our Specially Formulated Potato Feed Will Give You Increased Yields And Strong Hard Leaf Growth That Will Help Resist Blight And Other Diseases. Contains Good Levels Of Phosphorous To Aid Tuber Initiation. Being Highly Concentrated, A Little Will Go A Long Way. The Fertiliser Can Be Applied In The Trench And Along The Sides As Well As A Top Dressing. It Comes In A Handy Re-sealable Sprinkler Dispenser, For Safe And Easy Pouring.

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Product Name: Albert Bartlett Seed Potato, Connoisseur Collection
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Category: Seed Potatoes
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