Tulip Hotpants – Tulip Bulbs

Once The Tulip Hotpants Bulbs Have Fully Grown, It Produces Satiny Flowers That Boast An Extraordinary Colour Scheme, Perfect For Dancing Above The Border In Spring; It's A Medium Height Triumph Tulip With A Strong Stem.the Tulip Bulbs Will Normally Flower From April Until Well Into May And Because Of Their Upright Habit They Are Perfect For Growing With Wallflowers And Other Spring Flowers, And To Use For Cut Flowers.team the Tulip Bulb with White Tulips For A Cool, Sophisticated Scheme Or Contrast Them With Brilliant Orange Or Yellow Blooms For A Dazzling Display.plant Tulip Bulbs From October To November.  Plant The Bulbs At A Depth Of At Least Three Times Their Height Into Free Draining Soil In A Sunny, Sheltered Site.avoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged; And On Heavy Soils Add Grit To The Planting Hole To Prevent Bulbs Rotting.tulips Are Native To Hot Dry Regions Of Iran And Turkey Where They Thrive On Very Free-draining Soils. The Bulbs Enjoy Hot Summer Sunshine But They Also Need A Period Of Winter Cold To Produce The Best Flowers.plant Tulips In Containers Of Gritty Compost F You Garden On Wet, Heavy Soil. Plant The Bulbs At A Depth Of At Least Three Times The Bulb’s Height.after Caredeadhead The Spent Flowers To Stop The Bulbs From Diverting Energy Into Seed Production.let The Tulip Leaves Die Down Naturally And Don’t Be Tempted To Cut Them Back Early. The Foliage Needs To Absorb Energy Back To The Bulb To Ensure Next Years Flowers.tulips Are Grouped Into 15 Classes. These Classes Are Based On A Number Of Factors Including Flowering Times, Flower Type And Shape. Tulip Hotpants Is Grouped In Class 3: Triumph Tulips.  the Tulips In This Class Are Characterised By Their Sturdy Stems And Large Often Angular, Single Blooms That Come In A Huge Variety Of Different Colours. flowers April-may.height 50cm/20in.

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