Sweetcorn Mirai Early – Seeds

An Extra Sweet Variety That Is So Sweet It Can Be Eaten Raw Straight From The Cob. Mirai Has An Extremely Thin Skin, Matures Early And Can Be Grown In All Areas Of The Uk. The Corn Fills Right To The Tip Giving A Full Cob Of Great Tasting Sweet Corn. Fungicide Treated Seed.sowing Time:indoors: March –mayoutdoors: Maysowing Indoors: Sow Seeds Individually In Small Pots Of Moist Seed Compost 1cm(1/2 In) Deep. Place In The Warmth 15- 18c (60-65f). Grow On Under Cool, Light Conditions, But Not In Direct Sunlight.gradually Accustom Young Plants To Conditions Outside For 2-3 Weeks Before Planting Out To Their Cropping Positions When Danger Of Frost Has Passed. To Ensure Good Pollination, Plant In Blocks  Rather Than Rowssowing Outdoors: Water Sowing Positions Well, Then Sow Two Seeds 2cm (1in) Deep At Stations 45cm (18in) Apart Each Way. Keep Soil Moist Until Seedlings Are Well Established. When Seedlings Are Around 8cm (3in) High. Discard The Weaker At Each Station And Leave The Stronger To Develop. Do Not Transplant Weaker Seedlings- They Do Not Thrive.harvest: August- September, When The Silks On The Cob Turn Brown.special Note Do Not Grow Other Varieties Of Sweet Corn Nearby, As They Will Cross Pollinate With This Variety. If Planting Out Before The Risk Of Frost Has Passed, Cover With Horticultural Fleece.

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