Oxygenator Bunch Collection – Pond Plants 1×3

Oxygenating Plants Help Keep Water In Ponds Aerated And Pond Life Healthy. Planting Depths For Pond Plants Are Grouped Depending On Whether The Plants Need Reliably Moist, Boggy Soil Or Deeper Water To Grow In. lagarosiphon Majorwith Tiny Flowers This Is One Of The Best Oxygenating Plants; Also Known As Elodea Crispa. flowers july. height 5cm/2in. spread 50m/20in.  ceratophyllum Demersumcommonly Called Hornwort This Is A Dense, Mat Forming Plant With Insignificant Flowers. flowers july height 5cm/2in. spread 1m/39in  fontinalis Antipyreticaa Grey Green Moss With Branches Stems, Growing All Year Round. It Is Named Because It Was Used In Sweden To Fill Up Gaps Between Chimneys And Walls To Exclude Air And Prevent Fire! provides good Shelter For Fish And Insects Too!height/spread 15cm.  

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Product Name: Oxygenator Bunch Collection – Pond Plants 1×3
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