Nerine Bulb Mix

Often Known As Guernsey Or Cornish Lilies, These Spectacular Flowering Bulbs Emerge Before The Leaves And Add A Real Touch Of The Exotic To A Late Autumn Planting Scheme. plant Bulbs In Spring Into Good, Free Draining Soil Or Compost In A Warm, Sheltered Site. You Can Also Plant Nerines Into Containers If You Garden On Heavy Wet Soils. Plant With Their Necks Just Above The Soil. Nerines Enjoy The Shelter Of A Warm Wall And Thrive In Dry Soils. They Flower Best When The Bulbs Are Congested.after Care Cover Planted Bulbs With A Dry Mulch To Protect Them From Frost And Winter Cold. Feed With A Low Nitrogen Liquid Feed After Flowering . This Will Build Up The Bulbs For Next Years Flowering.

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Product Name: Nerine Bulb Mix
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