Fern- Osmunda Regalis- Shrub

Osmunda Regalis , Also Known As The Royal Fern, Really Lives Up To Its Name. A Dramatic, Huge Fern That Produces Long, Vivid Green Fronds During Spring Creating A Lovely Dapple Effect As The Sunlight Shines Through It. These Fronds Fade To A Beautiful  Bronze Colour Before Dying Back In The Autumn. In Its Height, This Spectacular Deciduous Fern Has A Good-looking Rounded Habit And Is Best Suited To Planting Next To A Pond Or Water Feature Because The Fronds Create A Wonderful Reflection In The Water. Plant Osmunda Regalis In Any Damp Slightly Acid Soil With Other Large Foliage Moisture-loving.plantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Ball.gently Tap The Plant Out Of Its Pot Without Disturbing The Soil Around The Roots.position The Plant In The Hole So The Plant’s Crown Is Level With The Surface And Sits At The Same Depth As It Was In The Pot; Make Sure The Roots Are In Direct Contact With The Soil.backfill With The Excavated Soil And Firm In Gently. Water To Settle The Soil Around The Roots.aftercareplants Eventually Make Large Clumps; Divide Congested Clumps In Autumn.watering: Water Regularly After Planting And Make Sure The Plants Are Kept Moist.

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Product Name: Fern- Osmunda Regalis- Shrub
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