Cistus Corbariensis- Shrub

Cistus Corbariensis , Also Known As X Hybridus And Commonly Known As Rock Rose Is A Popular Evergreen  Shrub For Mixed Or Shrub Borders. It Forms A Mound Of Textured Foliage And Prolific Papery White Flowers With Yellow Which Burst From Red Buds During June. Corbariensis Is A Wonderful Species Of Cistus Forming A Lovely Bushy Plant, It’s Also One Of The Hardiest And Compact Forms. It’s Perfect For A Sunny Spot Either In A Container Or Border But Will Require Protection From Strong Winds.plantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Ball.gently Tap The Plant Out Of Its Pot Without Disturbing The Soil Around The Roots.position The Plant In The Hole So The Plant’s Crown Is Level With The Surface And Sits At The Same Depth As It Was In The Pot; Make Sure The Roots Are In Direct Contact With The Soil.backfill With The Excavated Soil, And Firm In Gently.water To Settle The Soil Around The Roots. aftercare.watering: Water Regularly In The First Few Weeks After Planting But Don’t Overwater. These Drought Tolerant Plants Will Send Their Roots Down In Search Of Moisture As They Grow.feeding:  Give Plants A Boost If Necessary With A Handful Of Granular Feed Hoed Into The Soil In Spring.pruning: none Needed, But You Can Lightly Trim Cistus After Flowering To Keep Plants Neat, But Don’t Cut Into Old Wood.

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