Bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator 500ml

The All-round Natural, Non-chemical Plant Growth Supplement, Insect, Pest And Fungal Disease Suppressantthe Natural Non-chemical Growth Stimulant And Pesticide!500ml Pack Makes Up To 110 Gallons/500 Litres!bio-grotm Plant Health Invigorator – The Concentrated Natural Plant Health Supplement – Boosting Vigourous Healthy Growth, For Higher Quality, Nutrient-rich Vegetables And Fruits.improves Growthstimulates Strong Plant And Root Growthunlocks And Adds Valuable Trace Element Availabilityincreases Yields With Better Quality, More Flavoursome Vegetables And Fruits That Stay Fresh Longerimproves Flower Setting Further Increasing Yieldsreduces Plant Stress , Improving Germination And Establishment When Planting Outimproves Frost And Drought Resistance reduces Pest And Diseases triggers Plant Defence Mechanisms To Reduce Fungal  Infection, Including Blightcontrols Plant Pests-banishing: Slugs, Snails, Whitefly, Red Spider Mite And Weevilssuppresses Soil Borne Parasitic Cyst Nematodesbio-gro Banishes Pests Including -white Fly-thrips-red Spider Mite-black Fly-snails-slugsimprove Potato Crops – And Reduce Potato Blight Disease…  bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator  Optimises Valuable uptake Of Potash – Plus – It Reduces Potato Blight By Up To 80% …plusenhances- Better Seed Germination  And Seedlings Emergence Uniformity When Used As A 'seed Soak' Prior To Sowing.  use Plant Protection Products Safely. Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use.   

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Product Name: Bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator 500ml
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