Essential Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg

Essential Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg
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Our Nutritional Experts Have Been Working Hard To Develop And Improve Our Seed Mixes. Essential Mix Now Contains Added Calcium – To Promote Healthy Bone, Beak And Feather Growth, Plus Vitamins A,d E, Biotin – To Strengthen Beaks And Bones And Carotenoids – To Develop Feather Colour And Protect From Sunlight Damage.essential Mix Provides A Year Round Balanced Diet For All The Birds In Your Garden, Even The Tiny Ones.containing 11 Carefully Selected Seeds And Grains, Its Suitable For All Beak Shapes And Sizes! All Of The Ingredients Are Edible In Their Entire Form, So They Have Either Been Dehulled Or Are Entirely Edible, Which Means That You Won't Pay For Wasted Husks And There Will Be Less Mess In The Garden!

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Product Name: Essential Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 2.5kg
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