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Natures Haven Tagetes Nema Mix 0

Natures Haven Tagetes Nema Mix

A Pungent And Beautiful Tagetes Mix Which Are Excellent For Keeping Whitefly From Your Precious Tomatoes. They Also Keep Other Insect And Pests From Your Chilli Peppers.these Varieties Provide A Healthier Environment For All Your Vegetable Crops And They Will Help To Encourage Essential Pollinators Into Your Garden To Aid In Giving Bumper Crops From Your Vegetables.please See Seed Packet For Sowing, Growing On And Planting Instructions.

Wildflower Seeds - Primula Vulgaris 0

Wildflower Seeds – Primula Vulgaris

Equally Happy In Full Sun Or Part Shade These Beautiful Native Wildflowers Make A Wonderful Addition To The Garden. They’re Simple To Care For And Clump Up Easily.their Delicate Soft Yellow Flowers Cheer Up The Spring Garden And Have A Delicious Light’s How To Sow Seeds For Successful Germination…..1)      Fill A 6-9cm Pot Or Cell Tray With Seed Compost – Which Is Light And Contains A Small But Balance Level Of Nutrients In The Soil. Overfill The Pot Or Cell Trays And Strike Excess Soil Off So That The Seed Tray Is Filled To The Top With Un-compressed Soil.2)      Water Soil From Underneath By Placing The Tray In A Container Of Water, Letting The Soil Absorb The Water From Underneath. After About Two-to Five Minutes Remove From The Container Of Water.3)      Press The Seed Into Individual Cells Or Pots The Soil To A Depth Of About 2cm Using A Dibber Or Pencil.4)      Cover The Seeds With More Of The Seed-compost.5)      Water Above With A Watering Can With Sprinkler (rose) And Add Fungicide To The First Watering To Guard Against Damping Off.6)      Label And Date The Seeds And Place In A Cool Light Place.sowing Directly Outdoors1)       Use A Rake To Level The Surface And Create A Crumble-like Tilth. At This Point Remove Any Weeds Or Large Stones Etc.2)       Water The Surface Prior To Sowing.  This Is Better Than Watering Over The Top Of Seeds Once They Are Sown As The Force Of The Water Can Displace The Seeds Unevenly.  3)       Thinly Scatter The Seed Over The Soil. Pour The Seed Into The Palm Then Tap Lightly With The Other Hand To Distribute The Seed Evenly Over The Area Of Soil.4)       Use A Rake To Gently Cover The See