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Wallflower Dwarf Mixed – X21 Bare Root Plants

Wallflower Dwarf Mixed Plants Are A Much-loved Spring Favourite Which Grow Neat And Compact, And Look Perfect In Any Garden.with Colourful, Large Flowers, They Look Equally Fantastic When Planted In Pots Or Containers Alongside Your Favourite Spring-flowering Bulbs Such As Daffodils Or Tulips, Or Planted Bold In The Border. They Are Also Bee-friendly Plants – Perfect Pollination Plants.wallflower Dwarf Mixed Plants Really Catch Your Attention In Your Spring Bedding Display, With Its Vivid Shades Of Red And Gold And Their Distinct Scent Which Fills The Air Around Them.plant The Wallflowers As Soon As You Receive Them (sept-nov), In A Sunny Spot Within Your Garden. Ensure That, When Planting The Wallflowers, They Are In A Weed Free Area With Well Cultivated Soil And Are Spaced Around 15-20 Cm Apart. Keep The Plants Moist Until They Are Established And, Once They Come Into Flower, Deadhead Them Regularly To Make Your Wallflower Display Last Even Longer.will Fill 3x30cm Pots Or Containers.[bare Root Measurements] 9-10in From Root To Tip.


Scents Of Triumph – Wallflower And Tulip Collection

The Solution To Filling Your Pots And Containers This Autumn, The Scents Of Triumph Collection Contains A Truly Stunning Combination Of Bi-coloured Tulip Muvota And The Heavenly Scented Wallflower Dwarf Mix.the Wallflowers Will Provide Interest To Your Garden Throughout Those Dreary Winter Months, However – Come Spring – The Bedding Plants And The Tulip Muvota Will Burst Into Life To Give You A Display Like No Other.the Complementary Red And Yellow Colours Of The Tulip And Wallflowers Will Brighten Up The Garden And Look Fantastic On A Patio Or Balcony. The Wallflowers Will Also Fill The Air With Its Distinct Aroma And Attract Bees To The Garden As Both Varieties Are Perfect Pollination Plants. Simple And Easy To Care For – You Just Plant And Watch Them Grow!unpack The Bulbs And Bedding Plants Immediately On Their Arrival And, As The Wallflowers Are Dormant Bare Root Plants, Soak Them In Water For Around An Hour Before You Plant Them. choose A Pot Or Container In Which You Would Like To Plant The Scents Of Triumph Collection. Ensure That Your Container Has Plenty Of Drainage And Place Some Gravel Or Stones At The Bottom Of The Pot To Stop The Drainage Holes From Becoming Blocked. Add Either Some Specific Bulb Planting Or Multi-purpose Compost With Horticultural Grit To The Pot Before You Start Planting.once Added, Unwins Recommend Planting The Tulips At Least Twice Their Depth And Around One Bulb Width Apart, Whilst The Wallflowers Can Be Planted Close Together To Have Greater Impact On The Display. They Should Be Watered Frequently To Encourage Growth, Though Reduce The Frequency Of Watering During The Dormant Period.will Fill 3x30cm Pots Or Containers.