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Spinach Emelia - Seeds 0

Spinach Emelia – Seeds

You Won’t Get Popeye’s Muscles From Eating Your Own Spinach, But You Will Probably Taste The Benefits.this Spinach Is Really Easy To Grow And You Can Pick The Baby Leaves And Add Them To Salads, Stir Fries, Sauces And Pizza. Or Leave The Plants To Mature And Pick For A Really Tasty, Steamed Green Vegetable.tasty! 

Pumpkin Mammoth  - Seeds 0

Pumpkin Mammoth – Seeds

Ideal If You Want To Make A Halloween Lantern.mammoth Pumpkins Sometimes Grow So Big You May Need Someone To Help You Lift One.why Not Have A Competition With Your Friends To See Who Can Grow The Heaviest One?

Popcorn Robust - Seeds 0

Popcorn Robust – Seeds

Grow Your Own Delicious Popcorn! leave The Corn Cobs On The Plants Until They Become Hard, Usually In The Cobs In A Cool, Dry Place. When Required, Take The Separate Pieces Of Corn (kernels) Off The Cob, Place Them In A Clean Paper Bag And Ask An Adult To Microwave Them For About A Minute.sit Back And Enjoy Your Popcorn!

Pepper Big Banana - Seeds 0

Pepper Big Banana – Seeds

This Variety Bears Up To Fifty Delicious, Shiny Red, Curved Peppers Per Plant.grow In Containers And Patio Planters For An Attractive And Edible Display.pick Regularly For Salads, Pizzas And For Stuffing. Sweet And Juicy.