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Potato Gro-sacks (x3)

designed To Last For Yearsstrong Hard And Extremely Versatileperfect For Small Spaceshelps Prevent Disease As They Are Contained.built To Last, Tough Strong And Resilient. Our Marshalls Gro-sacks Are A Real Favourite With Our Customers. They Are Fantastic For Growers Who Only Have A Small Space To Grow In Or Want To Grow In A Contained Area. Just One Sack You Can Grow 3 Potato Plants Which Will Give You Between 15-30 Potatoes. So It’s A Fantastic Investment!one Of The Biggest Complements Our Sacks Receive Are Just How Versatile They Are. Built To Last, Extremely Hardwearing Providing You With A Multitude Of Uses. Not Only For Growing Different Crop Varieties, But For Moving Heavy Items Such As Rubble And Old Compost. These Sacks Will Last You For Years!one Huge Factor For Their Popularity Is That When You Grow Within A Sack You Contain The Area. This Means That Your Crops Are Less Prone To Disease. A Perfect Helper If You Are New To Growing And Don’t Know Much About Potatoes.each Sack Has 40 Litre Volume.size: H18in (45cm) X W12in (30cm) X D12in (30cm).


Concentrated Potato Feed – Pre-planting

Get The Very Best From Your Potato Cropa Little Goes A Long Way With This High Concentration Formulaprotects Against Potato Diseases Like Blightresealable Dispenser  our Specially Formulated Potato Feed Will Give You More Home-grown Potatoes On Plants With Good, Healthy Leaves That help To Resist Blight And Other Diseases In Potatoes. A Good Level Of Phosphorous In Every Plant Helps Them Establish More And More Potato Tubers.apply This Fertiliser To A Trench Or To Gro-sacks At Planting Time. Your Fertiliser Comes In A Handy Re-sealable Sprinkler Dispenser, For Safe And Easy Pouring. Store In A Cool, Dry Location; Your Garden Shed Or Porch Would Be Perfect.npk 14:14:21


Albert Bartlett Seed Potato Rooster

grow In Gro-sacks Or Bedsprepare In Different Ways In The Kitchensupport Uk Farminggrow Your Own Delicious Potatoes At Home And Support albert Bartlett At The Same Time, The Uk’s Leading Grower And Packer Of Potatoes. A Family Business For More Than 60 Years, albert Bartlett are Committed To sustainable Farming Ideals.this Main-crop Potato Rooster has Become One Of The Bestsellers In Home-grown Potatoes In recent Years. roosters Make Great all-rounders With Their Red Skin And Fluffy Flesh. If You Like Time In The Kitchen We Recommend You Turn Rooster Potatoes Into Satisfying Jackets, Boiled, Mashed, Roasted Potatoes Or Even Indulgent chips.grow Rooster In The Ground In Free-draining, Rich Soil. We Recommend Adding Compost Formulated For Growing Vegetables. Put Into A Bed Or In Grosacks If You Just Have A Sunny Patio Or Balcony.


Albert Bartlett Chef

Want Potatoes For You And Your Household With That Home-grown Flavour Unique To Growing Your Own? This Collection Gives You Harvests For Months And Months, From May Right To November.sourced By Farming Company Albert Bartlett, You Are Safe In The Knowledge That Every Potato You Put In The Ground Comes With Generations Of Traditional Farming Experience And Knowledge. Grow In Your Own Vegetable Plot Or In Grosacks (five Seed Potatoes To Every Grosack) To Suit And Enjoy Basketfuls Of Mature Potatoes All Summer And Autumn Long.your Varieties Include;vivaldi – Second Early Vivaldi Is A Firm Multi-purpose Variety With A Delicious Flavour And Is Widely Rated For Its Taste And Velvety Texture, Produces High Yields Of Attractive Potatoes Which Hold Their Shape Whether Hot Or Cold. Can Also Be Grown As Salads And Main Crop Potatoes.anya – Salad Variety With A Distinctive Variety With A Firm Waxy Texture And Knobbly Appearance. It Is A Very Popular Salad Potato Among Home-growers.rooster – Maincrop Rooster Has Become One Of The Best Sellers In Recent Years. They Are Great All-rounders With Red Skin, Shallow Eyes And Fluffy Flesh You Can Bake It, Boil It, Mash It, Roast It Or Fry It.and Some Effective Pre-planting Fertiliser To Boost…get The Very Best From Your Potato Crop With Our Specially Formulated Potato Feed Will Give You Increased Yields And Strong Hard Leaf Growth That Will Help Resist Blight And Other Diseases. Contains Good Levels Of Phosphorous. Being Highly Concentrated, A Little Will Go A Long Way. Simply Sprinkle A Handful For Every Five Seed Potatoes You Plant.


Charlotte Seed Potatoes (autumn Cropping)

Bought Gro-sacks Last Year? If You're Looking For Re-fill Packs Of Seed Potatoes To Use In Last Year's Gro-sacks, We've Added Them To The Range.potato Charlotte Produces An Excellent Crop Of Uniform Shallow-eyed, Long-oval Tubers 50% Bigger Than Other Salad Varieties. Tender Creamy-yellow Flesh Remains Very Firm And Has A Mouth-watering Flavour Hot Or In Salads!charlotte Is Our Favourite Salad Potato And Regularly Recommended By Top Chefs! Ready For Harvesting Between November And December.for Best Results And The Longest Cropping Period, Plant Charlotte Potatoes In  Gro-sacks Or Containers And move Into A Light, Frost Free Place From Autumn. 

International Kidney Seed Potatoes 0

International Kidney Seed Potatoes

avoid Spending At The Supermarketready For As Early As Maygrow In Beds Or Bagsgrow The Best-tasting Salad Potatoes At Home With International Kidney Seed Potatoes And save Yourself From lugging Heavy Shopping Bags By Having Your Potatoes In Your Garden Instead Of Getting Them at The Shops.this Premium Early Salad Variety Has A Wonderfully Distinctive Flavour, Especially When Freshly Dug From The, Why Not Grow Your Own And Savour The Distinct Freshly Dug Flavour Of This Early Salad Variety, And Save Money As Well. International Kidney Lends Itself To Early-forcing- Growing Them In Heated Greenhouses For Even Earlier Harvests Than June.

Arran Pilot Seed Potatoes 0

Arran Pilot Seed Potatoes

early Harvests From Mayslug Resistanteasy For Organic Growersgrow Arran Pilot On Your Own Vegetable Plot For Great Harvests Of Potatoes With White Skins And Clean white Flesh. With A Firm, Waxy Texture And Lovely Flavour, It Is Best Appreciated When Cooked Straight From The Garden.for Decades This Variety Has Reigned As A Uk Favourite First-early Type Ready To Come Out Of The Ground From As Early As May And Making A Lovely Ingredient To A Fresh Home-grown Potato Salad.slug Resistant And Resistant To Scab Harvest Blemish-free Potatoes In Early Summer. We Recommend You Grow In light, free-draining Soil Where Arran pilot Will Thrive.

Mozart Seed Potatoes 0

Mozart Seed Potatoes

This New Red Variety Has Yellow Flesh And Is A Classic All Rounder, Suitable For All Types Of Cooking, Particularly Mashing, Chipping, Baking Or Roasting. Mozart Only Requires Low Levels Of Fertiliser Input.

Pink Fir Apple Seed Potatoes 0

Pink Fir Apple Seed Potatoes

the King Of Salad Potatoeshome Grower's Favouritehigh In Antioxidantspotato Pink Fir Apple Is The Salad Potato We Recommend To You For Harvesting From Summer. It's A Favourite With home Cooks as It Has An Excellent Flavour And Texture Despite Its Knobbly Appearance Which We Believe Adds To Its Produces Long Thin Potatoes For The Picking In Summer Just At The Right Time For The Barbecue Season When You Want Side Dishes of Potato Salad. with Pinkish, Edible Skin You Can remove Or Keep On after Boiling To Your Taste. With Pink Pigment It's Naturally High In Antioxidants.

Rocket Seed Potatoes 0

Rocket Seed Potatoes

get For First Fragrant Potatoes Of The Yeareasy To Grow In Trenches Or Sacksget Lots Of Potatoesthis Is The Potato Variety For You And Your Garden When You Want To Try Home-grown Potatoes For The First Time. Potato Rocket Lends Itself To Growing In Containers And Grosacks If You Don’t Want Potatoes In Your Beds But Want The Unique Flavour Of Garden-grown Potatoes, The Smell And Sheer Satisfaction Of Digging Them Up. prized For Harvests Of Perfect, Oval And Unblemished Potatoes From As Early As May Rocket Is Arguably The Quickest Potato Variety From Planting To Harvest. Showing Good Vigour And Great Resistance To Pests And Diseases You Are More Than Likely To Get Successful Harvests Of Special Receive Your Seed Potatoes From Us In Mesh Bags To Keep Them Well-aired. Just Place Them In An Egg Carton And Leave Them Somewhere Cool, Dry And Light Before Planting In March. This Encourages The Stems To Thicken Up From The Start For Impressive Results.