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Kestrel Seed Potatoes 0

Kestrel Seed Potatoes

superfood Status For Great Wellbeingfantastic Home-grown Flavourunappealing To Slugskestrel Is Satisfyingly Smooth-skinned, Cream With Purple Eyes, And Winner Of Many Prizes At Exhibition. These Purple Eyes Are Edible – In Fact The Purple Pigment Is So High In Antioxidants, Great For Health And Wellbeing That It Turns This Potato Into A Superfood.kestrel Has A Much-loved Earthy Flavour; Making Good Chips And Roast Potatoes On Account Of Their Soft Flesh Which Is Slow To Absorb Excess Fat. Ready To Harvest In July It’s The Variety To Harvest And Prepare In The Kitchen For A Fantastic Side-dish Of Potatoes Wedges For Your Summer Barbecues.consistently Shows Good Resistance To Slugs And Blackleg. We Recommend You Lift Some Of Your Kestrel Potatoes A Little Sooner If Your First Earlies Have Run Out Around May Or June.

Estima Seed Potatoes 0

Estima Seed Potatoes

harvests From As Early As Juneimpressive Resistance To Eelworm And Scab Diseasearrives In Airy, Mesh Bags For Healthy Crops grow Potato In Your Own Plot With Estima; A Trust-worthy Variety, So Versatile In The Kitchen. Estima Is The Variety Chosen By Local Lincolnshire Chip Shop Owner Les On Account Of Its Suitability To Frying And Great Taste Lauded By His Customers.with A Pleasant Mush-free Texture They Don’t Disintegrate On Boiling, Steaming Or Roasting. In The Garden They Excel Too; Naturally Resistant To Scab They Come Out Of The Ground Looking Clean And Without Marks Or Scars, Ready To Use In The To Plant:prepare Your Soil By Raking The Area After Sprinkling Some Pre-planting Potato Feed Over The Area Any Time Before Planting Your Seed Potatoes In March. Place Your Seed Potatoes Somewhere Cool, Dry And Light Over February So They Create Little Short Stubs (this Process Is Called Chitting) Which Will Give You Plants That Grow Better Than If You Plant Seed Potatoes Left In A Warm And Dark Place.useful Tip:grow Estima In Gro-sacks If You Haven’t Got Beds But Want To Be Part Of The Home-grown Community. Bury One To Five Seed Potatoes To Every Gro-sack In Spring In Multi-purpose Compost (this Has A Great Free-draining Consistency) And Treat Your Plants To Some Growmore For A Welcome Boost Of Nutrients. As The Stems Of Your Plants Get Higher Place Soil Up The Stems So You Ensure The Developing Potatoes Underground Stay Well-covered At All Times.

Lady Balfour Seed Potatoes 0

Lady Balfour Seed Potatoes

versatile In the Kitchengreat For Growing In Potato Sackscomforting Home-grown Taste And Scentlook Forward To The Smooth And Creamy Potatoes Of Lady Balfour, pale Yellow And Uniform In Growth For Easy Picking from July.  can We Recommend You Grow This Great Tasting Potato Variety In Potato Sacks Like Grosacks? – They Lend Themselves Fantastically To Growing In Big Sack When You Don't Want To Commit Your Beds To Potatoes But Want To Enjoy The Taste And Scent Of Home-grown Spuds.a Pleasure To Grow For you And Your household- This Variety Makes Great Boiled Potatoes And Mashed Potatoes. Try Wedges Or Chips Too Cooked In Olive Oil And Sprinkled with Rock salt. Delicious!

British Queen Seed Potatoes 0

British Queen Seed Potatoes

Grow Lovely White-skinned British Queen Potatoes That Have A Floury-textured White Flesh. British-bred And British-grown This Heritage Variety Is Proven To Grow Successfully In Uk Gardens Up And Down The Country. plant Out In From March For Handsome Harvests From June To August, A Good Time To Get Young Ones Out In The Fresh Air, Helping You Collect Your Home-grown Vegetables.we Recommend You Plant Around 5 Tubers To A Marshalls Potato Gro-sack For Anything Up To 50 Ready Potatoes In Summer.

Shetland Black Seed Potatoes 0

Shetland Black Seed Potatoes

Enjoy Digging Up Lots Of Purple Potatoes With A Floury-textured White Flesh Offering A Sweet, Buttery Taste. Attractive Dark Purple Ring Around Inside Edge Makes It A Potato Variety Of Distinction. Shetland Black Works Well Steamed, As Chips Or As Jacket Potatoes. Heritage Variety.a Second-early Variety Which Gives You Lots Of Mature Potatoes From June. Get The Children Involved With Harvesting During The Half-term After Easter, Getting Them Green-fingered And Excited About Growing.we Recommend You Plant Around 5 Tubers To A Marshalls Potato Gro-sack For Anything Up To 50 Mature Potatoes In Summer.

Maris Peer Seed Potatoes 0

Maris Peer Seed Potatoes

potatoes In Time For Summer Barbecuesgrow In Sacks, Grow In The Groundexcellent For Boilinggrow Maris Peer, A Second Early Variety which has Firm White Flesh, Which Does Not Break Up Or Discolour On Cooking. Expect Heavy Yields Of Medium-sized Tubers, Which Are excellent Boiled.if Harvested When Small, Maris Peer Potatoes Are particularly Good For Making Potato Salads. a Row Of Potato Plants makes An effective Wind-break For Nearby Tender Crops Or Bedding. Useful If You Garden In An Exposed Area.even If You Can't Grow These Delicious Potatoes In The Ground You Can Buy Purpose-made Grosacks From Marshalls Ideal For Growing Potatoes On The Patio Or On The Balcony.