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Runner Bean Plants – Stardust

beans Without Stringy Cases100% Success In Fruitingpretty White Flowers Before Fruitingstardust Gives You Handfuls Of Self-fertile White Flowers- This Means They Don’t Need Bees Or An Outside Influence To Fertilise The Flowers Into Fruit. Beans Set Well No Matter If It’s Raining Or Shining To Give You Tender And Flavoursome Beans That Are The Epitome Of Summer Sunday Dinners.this Excellent Variety Is A Cross Between A Runner Bean And A French Bean. They Don't Rely Completely On Bees, So You Get A Good Crop Come Rain Or Shine.with A Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit You Get 12 Stardust Plants With The Potential For Tasty Green Beans. They Are Fun To Harvest; You Pick The Beans Growing At Higher Parts Of The Plants While Smaller Members Of The Household Can Enjoy Picking From Lower Down The Plant.