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Patio Pear Tree - Conference X1 0

Patio Pear Tree – Conference X1

‘conference’ Is The Country's Favourite Pear, And Small Wonder As It Is So Versatile. Delicious And Juicy And Sweet Enough To Eat When Young And Crisp Straight From The Tree. our Fruit Trees Are Expertly Trained So They Have Strong Main Branches, Ready To Fruit Heavily Once Planted And Well-established. Our Varieties Are Specially Grafted Onto Roots That Keep Trees Smaller For Easier Harvests, While Maintaining Impressive Yields.semi Dwarfing Rootstock, Requires Summer Pruning To Maintain Compact Habit. The Best Know Pear Tree, Conference Is Perfect For Both Culinary And Snacking Uses.this Popular And Tasty Variety Is Self-fertile (sf) So It Flowers And Fruits Independently. They Produce Fruit, Even When Planted In Isolation.rootstock: quince Aflowering Group: Fg3years Until Fruiting From Planting: 2-4age Of Tree At Despatch: 2height At Full Growth: 4m/13ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of: 3.5ft – 5ft / 105cm – 140cm Depending On The Order To Ensure A Good Pollination Pick Fruit Trees From Within The Same Or From Adjacent Flowering Groups.the Vast Majority Of The Trees We Ship Have Been Pruned And Will Appear Trimmed.

Apple Twin Tree - Jonagold & Golden Permain 0

Apple Twin Tree – Jonagold & Golden Permain

Two Great Varieties That Grow On One Tree – Two Apple Varieties Full Of Flavour You Can Pick From The Same Plant.just Plant One Tree And Choose From Two Types Of Apples For Picking; Whether You Want To Eat Fresh Apples Off The Tree Or For The Perfect Apple Crumble, It's Entirely Up To You.our Fruit Trees Have Strong Main Branches To Flower Fruit Heavily Once In The Ground And Well-established. Trees Grow To The Perfect Height For Picking For Easier Harvests.‘jonagold’ And ‘golden Pearmain’ Fruit And Flower Around The Same Time, So These Two Varieties Make A Compatible Duo-tree Pair; Each Variety Producing Viable Pollen For The Other To ‘jonagold’ – High-yielding Variety Giving Large Fruits With Attractive Red Stripes, And A Crisp Honey-like ‘golden Permain’ – An Attractive Apple Of Red And Russet Tones And With A Rich Flavour, Perfect For Eating Straight From The Tree.✔ Two Varieties Grafted Onto One Stem✔ An Extended Cropping Season✔ Space-saving Solution For Growing More Than One Variety✔ More Room In Your Garden For Other Crops✔ The Two Varieties Pollinate Each Other For Guaranteed Fruiting✔ Ideal For Small Plots, Patios Or Kitchen Gardens✔ Grow Well In Large Containersapple Twin Tree – Jonagold & Golden Permain grafted Onto One Root Stockrootstock: mm106flowering Group: fg4years Until Fruiting From Planting: 2age Of Tree When Sent To You: 2 Yearsheight At Full Growth: 4m/13ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of: 3 1/2 Ft – 5ft / 105cm – 150cm Depending On The Variety. 

Cherry Twin Tree - Napoleon Bigarreau & Variks Black 0

Cherry Twin Tree – Napoleon Bigarreau & Variks Black

Enjoy The Taste Of Two Cherry Varieties And A Spring-display Of Beautiful Flowers All From One Tree.ingenious – Especially When You Have Members Of The Family With Different Tastes Or Just Have The Space For One Tree But Want To Maximise On Delicious Home-grown Sun-ripe Cherries. just Plant One Tree And You Can Choose To Harvest Two Types Of Cherries; Whether You Want To Eat Them Fresh Off The Tree Or Pick Them For The Perfect Cherry Pie.both Varieties Variks Black And Napoleon Bigarreau Are Late-season Croppers, So Flower At Around The Same Time. This Means That The Two Varieties Provides Pollen For Each Other So They Produce Fruits. The Perfect Duo Pair.our Fruit Trees Are Expertly Trained So They Have Strong Main Branches, Ready To Fruit Heavily Once Planted And Well-established.cherry Variks Black – A Luscious And Sweet Dark-skinned Cherry Variety, Fruiting From Late July To August. Very Handsome Fruits.cherry Napoleon Bigarreau – Attractive Red To Orange Fruits Have Particularly Sweet Flesh And Is Noted For Its Heavy Cropping.✔ Two Varieties Grafted Onto One Stem✔ Two Different Flavours From The Same Amount Of Space✔ More Room In Your Garden For Other Crops✔ Ideal For Small Plots, Patios Or Kitchen Gardens  most Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of: 105cm – 140cm (3 1/2ft – 5ft) Depending On The Variety.

Raspberry Canes - Versailles X12 - Primocane 0

Raspberry Canes – Versailles X12 – Primocane

Get Extra Large Raspberries From This Brilliant Variety Versailles On Raspberry Plants That Are Thornless And Grow Nice And Upright. Extra-large Red Fruit Abounds On These Raspberry Plants From August And Into September And They Come Back Year After Year.ideal To Harvest With All The Family As The Raspberry Are Large And The Stems Are Thornless. Every One Of Your 12 Plants Will Produce A Punnet Of Raspberries Every Year. Your Plants Give You A Good Harvest Of Fruit For Around Seven Years So That Around A Total Of 84 Punnets. The Savings You Make Growing Your Own Raspberries Is Amazing, Working Out At Around 30p A Punnet.simply Cut The Stems That Fruited In Autumn To The Ground The Following Spring And Put Down A Generous Layer Of Bulky Compost Around The Base Of The Stems To Feed The Plants- Raspberries Are Particularly Hungry.your Plant Will Arrive As Bare-root Specimens, Inspected And Certified By Defra, Ready To Plant From Autumn Through To Early Spring Around 30cm (12in) Apart.remove All Packaging From Your Bare Root Plant And Steep The Roots In Water While Preparing The Ground For Planting. Plant Immediately If You Can, Or Place Plants Temporarily In A Cool, Airy Position With The Roots Covered Loosely In Soil For A Maximum Of A Couple Of Days Before Planting In Their Permanent Position.

Raspberry Ruby Beauty 5l Potted Plant 0

Raspberry Ruby Beauty 5l Potted Plant

Enjoy Picking Delicious Raspberries Off This Dwarf Variety That Allows Easy Picking From Thornless Stems. Sweet Raspberries Come Out In Large Number On This Handy Soft Fruit Plant, Perfect For Growing On Your Patio Or Your Plant Arrives?plants Arrive To You In A 5 Litre Pot With An Already-established Root Network. The Pot Is Wrapped In A Polythene Bag To Keep The Root Area Moist And Kept In Place With A Layer Of Corrugated Cardboard To Keep It Secured In Transit.this Is Further Placed In A Paper Bag Which Is How It Arrives To You. Simply Remove All Layers And Replant To A Larger Container, Firming In Can Transplant Containerised Plants At Any Time Of The Year, Just Avoid Transplanting Into Frozen Soils In Winter Or In Summer In The Midday Sun.can’t Plant Straight Away?you Can Keep Your Plants In The 5l Pot As long As You Make Sure The Root Area Is Nice And Humid And The Roots Feel Moist.keep Your Plants In A Light, Cool Position Away From Full Sun Like An Unheated Porch Or Greenhouse.

Potted Raspberry Cane - Ruby Beauty X1 0

Potted Raspberry Cane – Ruby Beauty X1

spine-free Canesvariety Suitable For Small Spacesattractive Variety For Visual Impactreally Easy Raspberry To Grow And Look After- It’s A Dwarf Compact Variety Ideal For Growing In Containers And No Need For Supports. It’s A Floricane Variety, Fruiting In Early Summer.picking Is Made Really Easy Due To Its Spineless Stems And You Can Cover Them Easily Too With Netting To Keep The Birds Away.harvest Fruits In Early Summer, And Simply Cut The Fruiting Stems To Ground Level Once They’ve Given You Harvests. There Should Be Some Strong Leafy (non-fruiting) Stems That Have Emerged From The Ground. Let These Grow On And They’ll Fruit The Following Summer.

Potted Raspberry Canes - Ruby Beauty X3 - Buy 2 Get 3rd Free 0

Potted Raspberry Canes – Ruby Beauty X3 – Buy 2 Get 3rd Free

perfect For Pots And Containerseasy To Grow And Look Afterbuy 3 For The Price Of 2if You Would Like To Have A Go At Growing Your Own Raspberries, Why Not Have A Go With The Raspberry Ruby Beauty. This Variety Of Raspberry Is Fantastic For All Levels Of Growing Ability As It Is Easy To Grow And Look Is Also Ideal For Containers Which Means You Are Not Limited By Space And Can Have Delicious And Juicy Raspberries Straight From Your Garden To Your Kitchen.the Canes Of The Raspberry Ruby Beauty Never Grow Taller Than A Metre And Are Multi-branching Meaning You Will Harvest Tremendous Yields Of Sweet, Firm Scarlet Raspberries Up To 1.5kg Throughout June And July. These Canes Are Completely Thornless And Do Not Need Any Support Either As They Are Short And Sturdy, Making It Much Easier To Pick The Fruit.if You Would Like To Grow Your Own Delightful Raspberries, Make Sure They Are In A Place Where They Will Receive Full Sunshine And They Prefer Fertile, Well-drained Soil. The Raspberry Ruby Beauty Are Fast Growing And Are Wildlife Friendly And Are A Great Addition To Any Patio, Garden Or Terrace.your Ruby Beauty Is A Floricane. Floricane (summer-fruiting) Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Previous Year. After Fruiting, Cut Out The Old, Fruited Wood In Autumn/winter And Tie In The New Growths To The Support.

Raspberry Canes - Autumn Bliss X12 - Primocane 0

Raspberry Canes – Autumn Bliss X12 – Primocane

flowers And Fruits In The Same Yearrecommended By The Royal Horticultural Societyfruits All Summer Longwith Its Distinctive Red Berries And Long-cropping Season From Early August To First Frosts Raspberry Autumn Bliss Is The Variety For You For Big Crops Of Tasty Raspberries Lasting For A Long Time.  autumn Bliss Flowers And Fruits On The First Year's Growth, And Is Exceptionally Easy To Maintain And Care Fruits Well Into Autumn – Even After October – And Being Short, The Canes Need Little Or No Support. Autumn Bliss Is Perfect For The Home Gardener Or Those With Smaller Fruit And Vegetable Plots.grow In Containers If You Don't Want To Sacrifice Your Flower Beds To Raspberry Plants But You Want To Take Advantage Of Sun-ripened Home-grown Berries.

Raspberry Canes - All Gold X12 - Primocane 0

Raspberry Canes – All Gold X12 – Primocane

Raspberry all Gold Is An Autumn Fruiting Raspberries Which Is Perfect For Growing At Home In The Garden. Plant In Rows, Try Them In Large Containers Or Even As A Fabulous Fruiting Screen Or Hedge. Wherever You Grow Them They’ll Give A Good Crop Of Luscious Home-grown Fruits From Summer Well Into Autumn.all Gold is A Must For The Adventurous Gardener. It Has All The Vigour Of The Red Varieties But Its Amazing Golden Colour And Sweet Tasting Fruits Make It Unique.primocane (autumn-fruiting) Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Current Year. After Cropping, These Should Be Cut Down To Ground Level To Promote The Growth Of New Canes. Allow Primocane Raspberry Beds To Spread Up To 2.5ft/0.75m Wide But Dig Out Any Canes Which Start To Grow Between The Rows.

Raspberry Canes - Sugana X6 - Primocane 0

Raspberry Canes – Sugana X6 – Primocane

initial Autumn And Summer Fruitingcompact Stemsattractive And Great-tastingnew Variety Producing Two Crops Of Fruit On The Same Canes. The First Late-summer And Autumn Will Give You A Handful Or Two Of Tasty Raspberries.keep These Cane Intact Until Mid-summer Next Year And Pick A Bigger Harvest From The Same Stems. After This, Cut All Fruited Stems Back To Ground Level In Autumn.this High Yielding Variety Can Consistently Produce 3kg (6 1/2 Lbs)  Of Fruit Per Cane, Per Season!having a good Conic Shape, And Firm To The Touch Feel, They Are Also Well-flavoured And Possess An Attractive red/orange Finish- Great For Visual Impact.with The Initial Double-cropping Potential, It Beats Most Of The Other Varieties On The Market, And With Its Strong, Upright Habit, It Makes Them Also Ideal For Growing In Pots Or Containers.