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Radish Seeds - French Patricia 0

Radish Seeds – French Patricia

Lovely French Breakfast Variety Which Is Very Fast Maturing. Possesses A Mild Yet Sweet Flavour For Harvests From Spring Right Through To Autumn.sowing Outdoorssow Thinly In Pre-watered Shallow Rows And Cover With A Thin Layer Of Soil. Keep Seedbed Soil Moist; Don’t Let Them Dry Out As This Will Inhibit Germination. Sow One Seed Every 3-4cm (1 1/2in). If You’re Planning On Multiple Rows, Space Rows 15cm (6in) Apart.sow Little And Often For A Continual Supply From Early Spring To Mid Autumn.water Radish Plants Regularly And Generously.when Harvesting, Keep The Leaves For Sandwich Garnishes. Harvest When Roots Are Small, Young And Not Tough And Woody. 

Radish Seeds - Bright & Spicy Mix 0

Radish Seeds – Bright & Spicy Mix

Add Zing To Your Salad Bowl With This Bright And Spicy Collection Of Radishes Amethyst, Scarlet Globe, Sparkler, White Turnip And Zlata.sowing Outdoors: Sow Seeds Thinly In Pre-watered Shallow Rows And Cover With A Thin Layer Of Soil. Keep Soil Moist As Dry Soils Will Inhibit Germination. Sow Little And Often For A Continual Supply Through Spring And Summer. Great Grown In The Allotment Or In Containers.keep Soil Moist While Plants Are Developing. harvest: April-october. Pick Roots When Radishes Are Small And Young And Be Sure To Use The Leaves And Roots In Salads For Contrasting Textures. If Radishes Are Left In The Ground For Too Long They Become Dry And Woody. 

Radish French Breakfast Treto - Seeds 0

Radish French Breakfast Treto – Seeds

Treto Is A Classic French Breakfast Type Radish. Slow To Bolt And Very Strong Against Disease And Going 'woody' As The Radish Matures Making This The Ideal French Breakfast To Grow. Fabulous In Flavour, It Produces Very Uniform, Even Sized Roots Perfect For That Summer Salad.

Radish Mantanghong  - Seeds 0

Radish Mantanghong – Seeds

Outer Skin Is Greenish And White With Bright Magenta Flesh And Is Crisp With A Mild, Sweet And Slightly Nutty Taste.they Will Survive All But The Hardest Frosts.good For Salads And The Large Roots Can Also Be Served As A Winter Vegetable.

Radish Mooli - Seeds 0

Radish Mooli – Seeds

With Long, White Roots That Store Well Radish Mooli Is A Fantastic And Unusual Addition To The Veg Garden. As A Hardier Variety, Mino Early Can Be Sown Sooner Than Other Varieties For Crops Throughout The Summer And Into Autumn.

Radish Purple Plum - Seeds 0

Radish Purple Plum – Seeds

This Radish Has A Bright Purple Skin And Firm White Flesh. It Is Hardy And Stays Crisp With A Sweet But Spicy Flavour.a Special Addition To The Salad Bowl Or For Simply Eating On Their Own. Really Fast Growing, In The Warm Summer Months You Can Be Enjoying These Six Weeks After Sowing.

Radish French Breakfast - Seeds 0

Radish French Breakfast – Seeds

Perhaps The Fastest-growing Radish Of All- So Great To Grow With Your Children Too as They Can Help To Sow And See Results In Just Weeks.ideal For Tasty Summer Salads, This Traditional, Classic Variety Has Long Scarlet Roots With A White Tip And A Mild Flavour.if You Want Your Seeds To Germinate Quickly You Can Put Down A Horticultural Fleece Over The Soil – This Helps Retain The Heat In The Soil.