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Growing Success Prune & Seal 0

Growing Success Prune & Seal

Seals Pruning Wounds From Harmful Bacteria, Disease, Frost And Other External Factors. Built-in Brush Applicator Makes Easy Application. 100% Natural.great For Using When You Have Pruned Your Prize Garden Shrubs And Trees In The Autumn And Revealed Large Prune Cuts.use On A Dry Day And When There Is No Risk Of Upcoming Frost. Squeeze The Bottle Gently And Allow The Prune And Seal Agent To Disperse On The Pad.brush Onto The Pruning Wound To Fully Seal. Leave To Dry And Re-apply For A Second Coat. 

Tree Mats 40cm 0

Tree Mats 40cm

generous 40cm (16in) Diameterstops Weeds Growing Around The Treekeeps Soil Warm Around The Tree Rootsno Need To Trim Grass Around Vulnerable Stem take Advantage Of These Natural-look Mats, Perfect For Fitting Around The Base Of Tree Trunk Of Recently-planted Trees. The Mats Act As A Warming Weed-barrier, Excellent For New Root Growth. The Roots Respond Better In Warmer Soil And Are Unimpeded By Nearby Weeds Robbing The Tree Roots Of Water And Nutrients.the Mats Let You Mow The Lawn And Trim Nearby Without Getting Too Close To The Vulnerable Bark Of Young And Newly Planted Trees. The Cocoa Mats Allow Air, Water And Nutrients To Penetrate Through To The Tree Roots And The Mats Simultaneously Keep Weeds From Growing So Your Prize Tree Gets All The Nutrients And Water For Optimum Can Re-use Your Mats On Other Trees And Cut To Shape If You Need To. Alternatively Place Them On The Compost Heap Where They Will Decompose Fully And Provide An Effective Carbon-rich Material To Keep Your Heap Well Balanced With A Healthy Nitrogen To Carbon Ratio.useful Tipposition Your 40cm (16in) Diameter Mats Around Newly-planted Trees After You Have Given Your Trees An Initial Generous Water And Feed. Your Mats Will Secure Firmly In Place By Piercing Some Pegs Around The Edge Of Your Mat.

Original Victorian Bell Cloche 0

Original Victorian Bell Cloche

creates A Beneficial Greenhouse Environmentwith Added Roof-ventpre-set Holes For Pinning To The Soilreuse Again And Againideal For Brassicas Like Cabbageprotection From Weather And Protection From Garden Pests.just Like The Glass Cloches Of The Victorian Era This Great-value Pack Of Three Bell-jar Cloches Is Just As Effective In Warming Up The Soil For Earlier Planting And Harvests And Protecting Your Crops From Slugs And Snails. It Is Also Ideal For Encouraging An Ambient Environment That Harnesses Maximum Sunlight For Quick, Effective And Healthy Growth. These Bell-jar Cloches Work Just Like The Glass Equivalents But Are Less Heavy, Less Breakable And Less Expensive.rounded In Shape Your Bell-jar Cloches Naturally Harness The Most Light, Essential For Maximum Photosynthesis (plants Making Their Own Food) And Growth. Just Place The Jar Cloches Over Individual Crops- From The Young Plant Stage- And Pin Them Into The Soil With Pegs Through The Pre-set Holes.ideal For Placing Over Large Ornamental Bedding, Herb Plants And Large Leafy Vegetables To Steel Them From An Unexpected Bout Of Bad Weather Including Heavy Frost Or A Sudden Downpour. In Winter, These Bell-jars Offer Protection From Slugs On Winter Brassicas And Oriental Salads Like Mizuna.useful Tip:your Plants Are Still Able To Appreciate A Healthy Oxygen-rich Environment Even When Covered With Your Jar Thanks To The Manual Roof-vents You Can Open And Close With The Flick Of Your Fingers.

Baby Victorian Bell Cloche 0

Baby Victorian Bell Cloche

with Roof Ventilationpre-set Holes For Pinning To The Soilenjoy A Greenhouse Environment For Small Plantsreuse And Recycle Year-roundbaby-bell Jars Ideal For Bedding Flowers protection From Weather And Protection From Garden Pests.hark Back To Reminiscent Victorian-era Glass Gardening With This Pack Of Three Bell Jars; Equally Effective In Warming Up The Soil For Earlier Crops, Protecting Your Crops From Slugs And Other Pests As Well As Creating An Environment That Exploits Optimum Sunlight. Your Jars Are Equally Effective As Glass But With Added Advantages. They Are Lighter, Less Breakable And Cheaper Than Their Glass Counterparts.your Bell-jar Cloches Are Rounded To Capture Maximum Sunlight, Essential For Effective Plant Growth. Just Pop Them Over And Fix Them Into The Soil With Pegs Using The Handy Pre-set Holes.ideal For Placing Over Small, Leafy Salad Crops, Herbs And Ornamental Flowers Through Spring To Protect Them From A Late Frost Or April Showers. In Winter These Bell-jars Are Ideal For Offering Protection To Oriental Winter Salads.your Plants Get The Oxygen They Need Even When Covered Thanks To The Manual Roof-vents You Can Open And Close With The Simple Flick Of Your Fingers.useful Tip:protect Prized Alpine Plants Too From The Rain And Dampness By Covering Them With The Bell-jars During Periods Of Bad Weather, Fog And Mist. Alpines Can Tolerate Very Low Temperatures But Not A Combination Of Cold And Damp, Which These Bell-jar Cloches Will Naturally Protect Against.

Tomato Tube 0

Tomato Tube

grow Greenhouse Tomatoes Without A Greenhouseperfect For Patios And Balconiesaeration Holes Includedtie Wires Includeduse Tomato Tubes For Home-grown Tomato Plants To Give Them An Ideal Environment Even When You Don’t Have A Greenhouse. Your 2m (6 ½ Ft) Long Tubes Pop Over Tomato Planters Around 30cm (12in) In Diameter. Made From Polythene And Dotted With Aeration Holes Your Tomato Plants Enjoy An Ideal Environment, And Can Harness The Sun’s Power To The Your Plant Grows Simply Extend The Tube. When Your Tomato Plant Gets To Its Highest You Can Wire The Tube At Top With The Ties That Come In Your Pack.your Tube Protects Your Plants From The Extremities Of British Weather And Its Unpredictability. It Also Keeps Pesky Pests Off Your Tomatoes, Providing Protection From Animals And Weather.useful Tipkeep Your Tube Over Your Planters As Summer Turns Into Autumn. This Is Because The Polythene Tube Encourages Tomatoes Into Ripening- Great News When You Notice A Glut Of Green Tomatoes Towards The End Of The Season.

Split Bamboo Screen 3m 0

Split Bamboo Screen 3m

divide Your Garden Into Sections With Easemake Boundaries And Enclosures In Minutesfilters Out Noise Pollutionthis Metre-high Split Bamboo Screen Is A Strong And Durable Natural Means To Separating Parts Of Your Garden Or Putting Up A Divider To Screen Out Noise And Provide Privacy.if You Need An Economical Way Of Creating Perimeter Fences Around Your Garden This Split Bamboo Screen Does Just The Job. Get Hold Of Multiple Packs To Increase The Screening Area To Suit The Size Of Your Garden Or Plot. At Great-value You Can Create Boundaries In Your Garden Quickly And Without Breaking The Bank.useful Tip:separate Parts Of Your Garden With This Natural Screen That Fits Into The Gardening Landscape Perfectly. Creating A Perimeter Fence Around Your Kitchen Garden Or Allotment Section Will Keep Pests Off Your Edible Crops Too.

13mm Chicken Wire 0

13mm Chicken Wire

easy To Cut With Pliers To Sizefor Temporary Or Permanent Enclosureseffective Plant Supportsthis Chicken Wire Is So Handy For The Busy Gardener. This Shrink-wrapped Roll Offers 4m In Length Which You Can Use For Many A Task In The Garden For Dividing Flower Beds, Providing Protection To Your Favourite Plants And Creating Quick And Easy Supports For Tall Flowers And Climbers.this 13mm Chicken Wire Makes Handy And Useful Supports For Sweet Peas And Edible Climbing Beans And Peas. Just Create A Ring Of The Chicken Wire Around The Bottom Of Your Plants And Tie The Stems Onto The Wire As Your Tall Plants Grow. Supporting Bamboos Weaved Into The Holes Will Provide Extra Support.easy To Cut To Size This 13mm Aperture Chicken Wire Makes An Quick Means Of Protection For Your Favourite Edibles And Garden Trees, The Bark Of Which Rabbits And Deer Like To Eat Which Causes Irreversible Damage.useful Tip:handy For Supporting Rows Of Allotment Plants In Your Kitchen Garden. This Galvanised Steel Chicken Wire Makes A Budget And Make-shift Enclosure For Temporary Pet Enclosures, We Recommend You Can Keep Your Wire Upright With The Help Of Supporting Bamboo Canes.

Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 6ft 0

Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 6ft

This Comprehensive Assembly-kit Forms A Cage Around A Generous 1.8 X 1.8m (6 X 6ft) Area – Perfect If You’re Growing Soft-fruit Plants From Strawberries To Blueberries And You Want To Protect Them From Hungry Birds And Mammals Like Grey Squirrels. This Cage Starter Kit Provides Excellent Protection To Patio Fruit Trees Too When They Are In Fruit.easy To Set Up And Also To Remove When You Need To Get To Your Growing Fruit When Watering And Harvesting.this Easy-construct Fruit Cage Has A Height Of Around 1.5m (5ft) Once Constructed, And Is Supplied As A Complete Kit Including Aluminium Tubes, Uv-stabilised Polypropylene-molded Plastic Connectors, Netting And Pegs. These Materials Ensure Long-lasting Use In All Weathers From Summer Storms To Unrelenting Sun.dimensions: H1.5m (5ft) X L1.8m (6ft) X 1.8m (6ft)there Will Be A Heavier Postage Charge On This Item & We Can Only Deliver This Item To Uk Mainland. 

Walk In Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 12ft 0

Walk In Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 12ft

protect Crops From Birds And Pestsperfect For Fruit Trees And Soft Fruit Shrubsstrong 18mm Black Netting Whilst The Roofs Are Lighter Weight Green Knitted Netting.supplied As A Complete Kit Including Aluminium Tubes, Uv-stabilised Polypropylene Molded Plastic Connectors, Netting And Pegsall Walk In Fruit Cages Also Include A Door To Allow For Easy Access To Your Fruits And Vegetables.this All-in-one Assembly-kit Forms A Protective Cage For A Spacious 1.5 X 3m (6 X12ft) Area – Perfect If You’re Growing Raspberry Plants That Can Reach Up To 1.5m (3ft) In Height And You Want To Protect Your Prize Fruit From Birds And Hungry Mammals Like Deer.this Cage Starter Kit Offers Excellent Protection To Patio Fruit Trees Too When They Are Producing Fruit.with A Built-in Door You Can Walk In And Out, You Can Easily Harvest Your Fruit When It's Ready And Care For Them While They Are Growing So You Can Water, Mulch And Prune Them To Keep Them Growing With Vigour And Promise.this Full Cage Kit Contains The Following:aluminium Tubes (must Be Cut To Fit Door)uv-stabilised Polypropylene-molded Plastic Connectorsnettingpegsdimensions: H2m (6.6ft) X L3.7m (12ft) X 1.8m (6ft)please Note That You Will Require A Saw Suitable To Cut Through The Aluminium Pole To Fit The Door In Your Chosen Position.there Will Be A Heavier Postage Charge On This Item & We Can Only Deliver This Item To Uk Mainland.fruit Cages Are Not Designed To Withstand Heavy Snow Falls, You Should Remove Roof Nets To Prevent Damage To The Frame.we Also Do Not Recommend Using This Product In Exposed Areas Where They Could Be Vulnerable To Strong Winds Due To The Netting Surface Area.

Raised Bed Pest Protection Micromesh Cover 0

Raised Bed Pest Protection Micromesh Cover

Specifically Designed For The Raised Bed Growing System And Fits Neatly Over Your Raised Bed Frame. Ultra-fine Mesh Cover Protects Crops And Flowering Plants From Foliage-attacking And Fruit Eating Aphids, Birds, Carrot-fly And Animals.easy To Set-up And Remove As You Need To, The Fine Mesh Keeps Pests Off But Still Allows Sufficient Air To Get Through The Tiny Air Spaces In The Fine-mesh So That There Is Adequate Oxygen And Air-flow Getting To Your Plants.h 50cm (20in) X L 1.2m (40in) X W1m (39 ½ In)