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Autumn Planting Onion, Shallot & Garlic Special Offer Collection 0

Autumn Planting Onion, Shallot & Garlic Special Offer Collection

Save £5 With This Great Autumn Deal, Onion Shakespeare X75, Shallot Golden Gourmet X20, Garlic Mersley Wight X2, With 3x Onion Nets & A Tub Of Pre-planting Fertiliser Included.onion Shakespeare (75 Sets) – is A British Bred, Autumn Planting Brown Skinned Variety Producing High Yields Of Good Sized Bulbs. The Excellent Skin Formation Means It Shows Good Storage Potential Well Into The Winter Months. Plant In October/november For Exceptional Bolt Resistance. golden Gourmet Shallot (20 Sets) – this Is One Of The Best Of The Brown-skinned Shallots. Producing Good Fleshy Bulbs With A Delicious Flavour. They Are A Very Good Storage Variety, Keeping Well For Several Months.garlic Mersley Wight (20 Bulbs – Typically 20-25 Cloves) – enjoy The Rewarding Harvests Of Full-flavoured Large Garlics With Outstanding Vigour. Simply Plant Them Up In Free-draining Soil 6in (15cm) Apart And 1-2in (2-5cm) Deep And Leave Them Over Winter. Water From April And Expect Handsome Harvests From July. 2 Full Bulbs Give Around 20 Cloves For Planting Which Produce 20 Full Bulbs In Summer The Following Year. That Works Out To Be Around 25p For Every Bulb Of Home-grown And Flavoursome Garlic.3x Onion Nets – These Onion Nets Are The Ideal Size For Storing Onions, Shallots And Garlic, Keeping Them In Top Condition For Months On end. remember, After You've Harvested Your Bumper Crop Of Home-grown Onions, Leave Them To Dry Before Storing In Sacks. Made From Strong Polypropylene, These Handy Onion Nets are Completely Reusable And Can Be Used Again And Again For Years! 1x 900g Bottle Of Onion, Shallot, & Garlic Fertiliser – concentrated Pre-planting Garlic Fertiliser Specially Formulated For Garlic And Other Alliums, This Slow Release Fertiliser Is High In Trace Elements. This Ensures Strong Bulb Development And Growth, Early Ripening And Maturity, Good Skin And Bulb Firmness – As Well As Great Pungency And Flavour!

Onion Snowball – Spring Planting 0

Onion Snowball – Spring Planting

A Super White Onion Variety With Perfectly Rounded Bulbs And Flesh With A Delicate Unique Flavour. Available For Spring-planting For Gardeners With Heavy Soils.plant Sets In Spring For Harvests In Late Summer. We Recommend You Pick And Use Straight Away When The Flavours Are At Their Finest.grow Your Onions In The Ground Or In Raised Planters, Planting Sets Around 15-20cm (6-8in) Apart And Watering Through Spring And Summer To Keep Plants Healthy. Add Onion Fertiliser To Improve The Uptake Of Nutrients In The Soil For Bigger Bulbs.   

Onion Sets – Autumn Gold Improved 0

Onion Sets – Autumn Gold Improved

recommended By The Royal Horticultural Societysuited To Uk Conditionsplants Resistant To Going To Seedenjoy The Impressive And Bulbous Crops Of Autumn Gold Improved- Every Onion Has A Smoother, Rounder Shape So It Can Be Prepared With Little Waste. The Skin Finish Is Glossy And Attractive And You Will Impress Your Friends With Your Recent Harvests.  autumn Gold Stores Well Into The Spring From A September Harvest. Just Store In A Cool And Dry Place Like Your Garden Shed.special Note: Onion Sets Are Simply Small, Immature Onions, Which Have Been Lifted And Dried To Prevent Any Further Growth.once You Have Planted In Spring The Sets Grow In Size And Every One Forms A Full-sized Bulb When Ready To Harvest.

Onion Red Ray -sets 0

Onion Red Ray -sets

home-grown Flavour In Abundanceattractive Copper-red Skins Covering Crisp, White Fleshstores Well For A Summer And Autumn Supply enjoy Growing Onion Red Ray, Improved In Storage Ability And Disease-resistance To More Traditional Ray Has An Attractive And Blemish-free Skin, Great Flavour And Is A Beautiful Ruby Colour. Due To Its Strong Root System This Variety Is Very Productive And Is Suitable For Long Term Storage.heat-prepared You Can Rely On Your Plants To Develop Big, Strong Bulbs And They Won't Go To Seed Which Can Affect The Growth-rate Of Your Onions. the Glossy Deep Crimson Skin And Red Rim Bordering Each Onion Ring Gives A Delightful Bicolour Effect In Salads.

Onion Sets – Marshalls Red Fen (heat Prepared) 0

Onion Sets – Marshalls Red Fen (heat Prepared)

royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Meritheat-treated Means A Halt To Boltinguniform And Attractive Bulbsthe First Hybrid Onion To Be Offered As An Easy-plant Set. Marshalls Red Fen Produces A More Rounded Bulb Than Red Baron, Which Has Long Been The Standard Variety Of Heat-treated Red Onion Set.this Superior Variety Has Excellent Internal Flesh Quality And A Very Good Skin Which Means That It Can Be Stored For A Longer Period. Store In A Cool, Dry Place Like Your Shed, Hung Up And Take Them Into The Kitchen As And When You Need Them.heat Treated These Bulbs Are Much Less Prone To Bolt (go To Seed) And You Can Plant Them In Early Spring.see What Resident Gardening expert (pat Hubbard) Had To Say About growing The New Hybrid Onion Sets.

Onion Sets – Fen Early (heat Prepared) 0

Onion Sets – Fen Early (heat Prepared)

dependable Variety, Great For Growing In The Ukplants Slow To Go To Seedbig, Well-flavoured Bulbs, Great For Storingfen Early Is Great To Grow On Your Vegetable Plot, Directly In The Ground Or In A Raised Bed Or Vegtrug. You Can Plant The Sets In Spring And Look Forward To Pulling Up The Mature Onions In August The Same Year.fen Early Stores Better Than Other Onion Varieties Which Means You Have A Steady Supply Of Tasty Onion Over The Autumn And Winter Too. Store Your Onions In A Cool And Dry Location Where They Will Keep Well.these Sets Have Been Specially Treated With Heat For 20 Weeks To Make Them Less Prone To Flowering At The Cost Of The Bulb-quality. Sets Are released from Our Preparation Rooms Just As Soon As They Are Ready For Planting.

Onion Sets Collection (heat Prepared) 0

Onion Sets Collection (heat Prepared)

This Fantastic Heat Prepared Onion Collection Has Been Specifically Heat-treated For 20 Weeks To Minimise Bolting. Heat Preparation Will Also Extend The Growth Period Of The Onions So That Much Greater Yields Can Be Achieved. our Heat Prepared Collection Includes 1 Pack Each Of:marshalls Fen Early  – a Truly Superb Onion Which Produces One Of The Earliest Crops From A Spring Planting.the Bulbs Will Keep Much Better Than Other Early Types – Right Through Until The End Of Winter. The Sets Have Undergone A Partial Heat Preparation To Improve Performance And Prevent Red Fen – a Clear Winner In Our Trials, Red Fen’s Performance Was Excellent. It Has A Round Shape And A Deep-red Colour With A Good Flavour. It Stores Well And Because It Is Heat Prepared Is More Resistant To Boltingrumba – a Top Performing Main Crop Variety That’s Ideally Suited To Growing In The Uk. It Produces High Yields Of Large, Uniform, Round Onions With A Sweet Flavour, Making It Ideal For Eating Raw In Salads As Well As Cooking. Good Thick Skin And Quality Flesh Makes This A Good Variety For Long-term Storing.sets Will Be Released From The Preparation Rooms Just As Soon As They Are Ready For Planting.

New Fen Globe Onion Sets (heat Prepared) 0

New Fen Globe Onion Sets (heat Prepared)

grow From As Early As March For Earlier Harvests In Autumnestablishes Well In The Average Vegetable Plotstands Up To An Unpredicatble Uk Summera Well-flavoured Onion Variety Well-known In The Growing World To Produce Big Harvests Whatever The Summer Brings Weather-wise. Grown In A Vegetable Plot – Be It A Rasied Bed Or In A Typical Allotment Row – You Can Enjoy More Than A Few Dozens Of Onions Which Store Perfectly In A Cool Garage For A Winter-long Supply For The Kitchen Table.grown As A Regular-sized Crop, Every Pack Of Approximately 75 Sets (heat-treated By Us To Prevent Your Plants From Growing A Seed-head Which In Turn Affects The Bulb-growing Ability) Produces Around 22.5kg (50lbs) Or More Of Top Quality Onions To Show-case Your Can Even Show Your New Fen Globe Onions At The Local Vegetable Show. We Recommend You Read The Helpful Advice Of The National Vegetable Society For Growing Champion-sized Onions. Simply Click On Their Growing For Show Advice Page.enjoy Your Harvests From Late Summer And Into Early Autumn; We Suggest You Give Time To Dry The Bulbs Naturally Before Storing Them. Just Leave Them Hanging On A Hook Outdoors For Around A Week If Rain Is Not Due, And Covered If Rain Is Forecasted. Kept In A Cool, Dry And Airy Place, Your Stored Bulbs Will Stay In Good Condition Right Through To The Following May.plant In Free-draining Soil In Early March, Allowing The Roots To Get Firmly Established While There Is A Good Amount Of Moisture In The Soil. This Guards Them Against Summer Drought Should It Arise In The Hotter Months.

Red Baron Onion Sets 0

Red Baron Onion Sets

recommended By The Royal Horticultural Societyhardy To Uk Wintersbig, Impressive Bulbs At Harvest Timewith Such Superb Results Achieved By Our Customers It’s No Wonder Red Baron Grows In Popularity Each And Every Year!red Baron Looks Great Growing On The Vegetable Patch, Putting Up Strappy, Attractive The Kitchen It Is Stronger-flavoured Than Other Onion Varieties, Storing Well From September Until The Following April. The Glossy, Deep Crimson Skins And A Red Rim On Each Onion Ring, Giving A Delightful Bicolour Effect In Can Choose Whether To Plant The Sets (pre-planting Onions) From As Early As January Or Wait Until April To Suit You And Your Growing Plan. You Can Expect Harvests As Early As July With January Plantings Or September If You Hold Off Until April.

Onion Sets – Rumba (heat Prepared) 0

Onion Sets – Rumba (heat Prepared)

recommended By The Royal Horticultural Societysweet And Well-flavoured For Salads Or Saucesexcellent Variety To Store For Preparing Over Winterget Onion Rumba On Your Vegetable Patch; Simply Plant The 'sets' As Early As March In The Ground And They'll Be Ready To Harvest And Enjoy From August.because They Store Well In A Cool And Dry Place You Can Enjoy Them Over Autumn And Winter Too.we Heat-prepare The Sets Before They Arrive To You Which Means The Plants Are Less Likely To Produce Seeds And Put All Their Energy Into Making The Edible Bulb Bigger And Better-flavoured.rumba Is A Top-performing Main-crop Variety That’s Ideally Suited To Growing In The Uk. We Recommend You Grow Them In Raised Bed Or A Vegtrug Where The Soil Heats Up Quicker For Bigger Bulbs, Quicker. it Produces High Yields Of Large, Uniform, Round Onions With A Sweet Flavour, Making It Ideal For Eating Raw In Salads As Well As Cooking. Good Thick Skin And Quality Flesh Makes This A Good Variety For Long-term Storing.