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Natures Haven Nasturtium Maharajah Mix

Plant These Stunning Flowers Which Produce A Fiery Mix Of Colours Which Are Not Only A Pleasure To Look At But Also Can Be Very Useful. This Variety Is Particularly Attractive To Caterpillars And So Works Excellently When Planted Nearby To Brassicas Such As Cabbage And Kale In Protecting Your Precious Plants.please See Seed Packet For Sowing, Growing On And Planting Instructions.


Nasturtium Ladybird Mix – Seeds

peppery Edible Flowers, Stems And Leavespink, Yellow And Orange Coloursincludes Brand New Pink Ladybirdpretty Ladybird Spotted Flowersa 2018 Introduction. Ladybird Nasturtiums Are Known Because They Have Ladybird Spots On Their Ladybird Is A Brand New Variety For 2018 And We Have Introduced This To The Yellow And Orange Ladybird Creating A Wonderful Citrus And Berry Colour Mix.all Flowers, Leaves And Stems Of Nasturtiums Are Edible With A Delicious Peppery Taste To Add To Salads.