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Tree-trained Marguerite 18cm Potted Plant 0

Tree-trained Marguerite 18cm Potted Plant

Give Your Front Door Or Patio Maximum Flower Impact With A Marguerite Plant Or Two Trained In Tree Form (called A Standard).  Stunning Daisy Like Flowers And Silver Grey Foliage. Protect Them Through The Winter In A Conservatory Or Frost-free Greenhouse For Maximum Performance Every You Receive Your Plantyou Receive Your Marguerite Plant Trained As A Potted Tree In A Box Delivered To Your Door. The Pot Is Wrapped In A Damp Hessian Or A Polythene Wrap So That The Soil Is Kept Humid And Moist, Perfect For The Roots To Stay Healthy While Transported From Our Nursery To Your Door.can’t Plant Straight Away?you Can Keep Your Marguerite Plant In Its Original Pot Temporarily So Long As You Keep The Soil Moist And The Plant In A Well-ventilated Position.look To Planting Up Into Its Permanent Position Within 5-7 Days.

Marguerite Aramis Apricot - Plants 0

Marguerite Aramis Apricot – Plants

These Bedding Flowers Have Been Bred To Perform Really Well In Your Garden. Great Grown In Containers. Variety Amaris Apricot Is A Real-flowering Treat, Elegantly Opening As Pale Yellow And Fading To Sumptuous Apricot Shades.we’d Recommend You Plant Five Young Plants To A Basket Or Container With A 12in (30cm) Diameter For Creating Maximum Colour And Impact, Or At The Front Of A Flowerbed.plant Up Several Pots And Baskets Of Five Plants For A Sight To Behold. Baskets Dotted Around The Patio Will Really Impress Guests – And For Such Little Effort.grow In Pots With Compost Suitable For Bedding To Ensure The Plants Have The Best Soil To Grow And Thrive In. If You Grow Them In Flower Beds Mix Some Compost In With The Existing Soil To Give Your Flowers The Best Soil To Grow In.if You Grow In Flowerbeds Space Plants Around 8in (20cm) Apart. An Area Of A Yard By A Foot (1m By 30cm) Will Fit Around 10-15 Your Plants Arriveyou Receive 5 Young Plants In One Pack. Each Of Your Flowers Arrives To You As Young Plants Containing A ‘plug’ Of Soil With Roots Running Through Them And Some Small Green Stems And Leaves.although They Are Little They Are The Perfect Size To Get Growing Fast Once You Plant Them Up.your Flower Plants Will Arrive To You In A Plastic Wallet Contained In A Bubble-lined Envelope Or A Box For Larger Orders. The Wallet Allows Your Young Plants To Stay Healthy By Giving Them An Ideal Air And Root Environment When It Arrives To You. Check Your 5 Plants Are There In The Plastic Wallet, According To Your Order.can’t Plant Straight Away?if You Cannot Plant Up Your Marguerite Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Can Place Your Plants On A Saucer Or Tray Of Water So The Plugs Are Immersed At The Beginning Of The Day. Keep An Eye On Them And Take Them Out Of The Water Once The Soil Is Moist From Absorbing The Water Benea

Marguerite Aramis Rose Eye - Plants 0

Marguerite Aramis Rose Eye – Plants

more And More Flowers Each Dayflowers Return Every Yearlook A Picture In Pots give Your Pots And Beds An Injection Of Vibrancy And Fun With Summer-flowering Perennial Marguerite Aramis Rose Eye. Hundreds Of Buds Open Up To Reveal Dark Purple Flowers With Lots Of Petals To Every Flower And A Central Yellow Eye Which Makes Your Display Even More Vibrant And Alert.great In Pots In Courtyard Gardens, In Traditional Cottage-style Garden And Wall-side Borders Rose Eye Brings Your Outdoor Space Alive. Growing With A Compact, Well-branched Habit Rose Eye Looks Naturally Neat In Your Garden And The Branching Nature Means You Get Copious Amounts Of Flowers Every Day.treat Aramis Rose Eye To A Sunny Spot In Your Garden Or Even A Spot That Gets Sun For Some Of The Day. Rose Eye Thrives Even In Drought Conditions- Ideal If The Conditions Are Dry Or You Have Shallow, Dry Soil.we Recommend You Protect Your Plants With Horticultural Fleece In Winter, Covering The Stems And Base From Frost. If Growing In Pots, Bring Them Indoors Overnight In Winter, Especially If It’s Frosty.