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Sweet Pea Flower Plants  - Flower Arranger's Blend 0

Sweet Pea Flower Plants – Flower Arranger’s Blend

gorgeous Scentbeautiful Uk Flower Favouritegreat For Cut Flowerswhether It Is Beautiful Garden Displays Or Elegant Cut Flower Bouquets, Your Forty Five Sweet Pea Flower Arranger’s Plants Are The Perfect Choice. You Can Have Bright Blooms For Your Garden Border Or You Can Cut Them And Create Top Quality Displays To Show.with Large Flower Heads And Exceptionally Long And Sturdy Stems There Is No End To The Pretty Bouquets You Can Create. They Have A Wonderful Scent Receive Nine Multi-sown Modules That Contain At Least Five Sturdy Plants Per Module And They Will Be Delivered In A Free Micro-propagator. This Means You Will Have A Total Of 45 Plants To Play With, Making It An Exceptionally Cost Effective Way Of Growing A Mix Of Colours Especially If You Do Not Have The Space To Grow Them From Seed. These Sturdy Plants Have A Vigorous Root System That Are Ready To Plant Straight Into Your Garden.our Sweet Pea Flower Arranger’s Blend Collection Will Be Quick To Establish In Your Garden Or Container, Will Flower Earlier Lasting Until The End Of Summer And Will Provide Lots Of Different Varieties For Cutting. Sweet Pea Plants Will Be Sent To You From April Ready To Plant Straight Away.

Sweet Pea Flower Plants -  Midnight Eclipse Mix 0

Sweet Pea Flower Plants – Midnight Eclipse Mix

Dark Is Beautiful! – A Glamorous, Sophisticated Collection Of Sweet Pea Flower Plants. A Really Stunning Combination Of Incredibly Bold, Strong Colours With Masses Of Beautiful Flowers To Fill Your Home And Garden With Their Delectable Beauty!your Garden-ready  9 Multi-sown Modules Will Be Delivered In A Free Micro-propagator.each Module Contains At Least 5 Sturdy Plants – Giving A Total Of 45 Plants! This Is A Cost Effective Way Of Growing A Mix Of Colours – Especially If You Lack Space To Grow From Seed. Do Not Separate The Multi Sown Modules, This Will Damaged The Root System. they Are Good Value For Money With Sturdy Plants With A Vigorous Root System Ready To Plant In Your Garden. They Will Be Quick To Establish, Flower Earlier And Provide Lots Of Different Varieties For Cutting. Sweet Pea Plants Will Be Sent To You From April, Ready-to-plant.

Sweet Pea Rainbow Collection Propagator & Snips 0

Sweet Pea Rainbow Collection Propagator & Snips

Our Sweet Pea Rainbow Collection Includes 6 Packets Of Seeds, One Each Listed Below With A Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit Which Includes Unwins Micro Snips & sweet Pea Feed, Worth Over £24.00!the windowsill Propagator Includes:robust Black Base l68cm X w21.5cm X H20cm.8 X 9cm Cell Seed Trays perfect for Sweet Pea Seeds Which Grow deeper Roots.8 X Capillary Mats which Prevent Both under-watering And Over-watering.2 X 2ltr Gro-sure All Purpose Compost gives The Best Results For Seed germination.8 X ‘push-in’ Plastic Labels, Great For seed, Uv Stable White marker Pen with Easy-to-remove Ink.little Red Riding Hood – you Can See From The Enchanting Blooms Where This Variety Got Its Name! With A Powerful Fragrance This Variety Has All The Traits Of A Fantastic Sweet Pea Giving Great Garden Performance And Lovely Cut Flowers For Vases Indoors.cupid Mix – a Very Compact Semi-trailing Sweet Pea, Perfect For The Patio, Growing In Containers, Hanging Baskets And In Borders. Strongly Scented, It Is Ideal For Areas Where Space Is Limited.cream Eggs – a Modern Grandiflora Type Of Sweet Pea – Which Means More Bold Flowers And More Scent. The Luxurious Cream Petals Have A Purple Edge Which Changes To Vivid Blue With Age. Perfect For Cutting Too And Bringing Indoors To Add Delicious Sweet Pea Scent To The House.misty Mountains – a Sophisticated Mix Of Whites, Blues And Purples. Brings A Touch Of Elegance And Charming Fragrance To The Flower Border. Great For Cut Flowers To Bring The Wonderful Scent Indoors. With Cutting Some Of The Flowers You’ll Encourage Your Plants To Produce More And More.berry Kiss – Colours Of The Ripest Summer Fruits, This Variety Is Sweetly Scented And Make Fantastic Cut Flowers For An Indoor Vase Display. Excellent Cut-flower Variety. Grow This Variety Up A Sunny Wall Or Scrambling Up An Est

Sweet Pea Seeds - Confetti 0

Sweet Pea Seeds – Confetti

A Delightful Mix Of Warm Pastel Shades With Rich Purples And Pinks. ‘confetti’ Is The Perfect Variety For An Array Of Wonderfully-scented Sweet Peas. Gives A Stunning Display Outdoors Grown Up Trellis, And, As Cut Flowers, It Brings A Delicious Scent To Your House Throughout The’s How To Sow Seeds For Successful Germination…..1)      Fill A 6-9cm Pot Or Cell Tray With Seed Compost – Which Is Light And Contains A Small But Balance Level Of Nutrients In The Soil. Overfill The Pot Or Cell Trays And Strike Excess Soil Off So That The Seed Tray Is Filled To The Top With Un-compressed Soil.2)      Water Soil From Underneath By Placing The Tray In A Container Of Water, Letting The Soil Absorb The Water From Underneath. After About Two-to Five Minutes Remove From The Container Of Water.3)      Press The Seed Into Individual Cells Or Pots The Soil To A Depth Of About 2cm Using A Dibber Or Pencil.4)      Cover The Seeds With More Of The Seed-compost.5)      Water Above With A Watering Can With Sprinkler (rose) And Add Fungicide To The First Watering To Guard Against Damping Off.6)      Label And Date The Seeds And Place In A Cool Light Place.sowing Directly Outdoors1)       Use A Rake To Level The Surface And Create A Crumble-like Tilth. At This Point Remove Any Weeds Or Large Stones Etc.2)       Water The Surface Prior To Sowing.  This Is Better Than Watering Over The Top Of Seeds Once They Are Sown As The Force Of The Water Can Displace The Seeds Unevenly.  3)       Thinly Scatter The Seed Over The Soil. Pour The Seed Into The Palm Then Tap Lightly With The Other Hand To Distribute The Seed Evenly Over The Area Of Soil.4)       Use A

Sweet Pea Chance- Seeds 0

Sweet Pea Chance- Seeds

Sweet Pea Chance Is A Spencer Sweet Pea With An Extremely Eye-catching Colour Of Cerise Pink. This Sweet Pea Is Great For The Garden But It Is Also  Perfect For Exhibition With Its Long Stems And A Strong Typical Sweet Pea Perfume.sowing Seedsplace Canes Or A Trellis Above Where You Want To Sow Your Sweet Peas. Your Seed Pack Will Tell You How Far Apart To Sow Seeds. Position Two Seeds At Each Station And Pick Out The Weakest Seedling When The Two Start To Grow, Leaving The Strongest Seed To Grow On. if You Want Your Sweet Pea Seeds To Germinate Quickly You Can Put Down a Horticultural Fleece over The Soil – This Helps Retain The Heat In The Soil, And Doubles Up As Protection From Hungry Seed-eating Mice.