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Organic Extra Fertiliser 2x 44ltr - Twin Sack Pack 0

Organic Extra Fertiliser 2x 44ltr – Twin Sack Pack

crammed Full Of Nutrients And Minerals.multi-purpose Uses For Your Garden.5* Rated By Our Customers.the Healthiest Natural Way To Boost Growth In Your Flower Beds Pots And Containers. Organic Extra Is Super Concentrated And Packed With Essential Nutrients And Minerals. Ideal For Your Garden Or Allotment. our Unwins Organic Extra Is A Strong Customer Favourite Rated Feefo 5* By Customers Who Have Tried And Tested It. Rated Five Starts For Its Fantastic Ability To Boost Healthy Growth And Enhance Bumper Crops And Flowers Year After Comes With A High Concentration That Is Packed With Essential Minerals And Nutrients. This Gives It The Ability To Release A Continuous Feed To Flowers And Plants Over A Long Period Of Time. Not Only That, The High Level Of Concentration Means That You Only Require A Small Amount Per Sq. Yr. So It’s Truly Fantastic Value For Moneyhow To Useit Really Is A Simple To Use Product, Lightweight And Easy Mixing For A Multitude Of Uses, Such As Mixing With Water For A Top Feed Or For Potting Into The Garden.2 X 44 Sacks Will Cover A Huge 1080 Sq.yds provide Your Flowers With All Of The Nutrients That They Require With Organic Extra.if You Are A Person Who Just Loves The Garden, Marshalls Organic Extra Is A Must Have To Get The Best Out Of Your Garden And Flowers.

Fish Blood & Bone Fertiliser 3.5 Kg 0

Fish Blood & Bone Fertiliser 3.5 Kg

This Specially Formulated, Ready-to-use, All Purpose Plant Food Is Enhanced With Our Unique Natural Plant Extract, Proven To Improve Growth And Crop, Blood & Bone Is A Good, Natural Source Of All Three Of The Major Nutrients. Use As A General Purpose Food For A Wide Range Of Plant Types. Being Especially High In Phosphorus Makes It Partially Good For Building Soil Fertility And Stimulating Strong, Healthy Root Growth.apply Every 4-6 Weeks Throughout The Growing Season From February To The End Of October. For Best Results, The Granules Should Be Worked Into The Soil. During Dry Weather, Water Well Before And After Application. One Handful Is About 35g, And Gloves Are Recommended When Handling This Product. Always Read Instructions On The Product Label Before Use. Npk: 4-7-4

Gro-sure Tomato Food 1l 0

Gro-sure Tomato Food 1l

Gro-sure Tomato Food Contains A Perfect Mix Of Nutrients, Amino Acids, Vitamins And Minerals, Which Enables You To Produce A Better Quality Crop And Boost Your Plant Growth.the Tomato Feed Formula Is Seaweed Enhanced For Extra Micro Nutrients And Should Produce A fantastic tomato Crop, By Creating An Abundance Of Tasty Fruits And Actively Stimulating Root Growth, The Gro-sure Tomato Food Includes Added Magnesium Which Is Essential For Healthy Tomato Crops. Its Natural Formulation Delivers Balanced Plant Growth,and Is Suitable For Use on Tomatoes As Well As Other Crops, Such As Sweet Peppers, Aubergines And Courgettes. You Can Even Use The Versatile Tomato Feed On Your Hanging Baskets, Pots And Other Containers, As Well As Roses, Fruit Trees And General Garden Use.gro-sure Tomato Food Encourages Early-flowering, Ripening And Cropping, And Makes Approximately 50 Litres Of Fertiliser. 

Organic Extra 11kg 0

Organic Extra 11kg

Our Exclusive Super-concentrated Fertiliser Is Light And Easy To Use. It Contains Essential Trace Elements And Minerals To Boost Healthy Growth And Encourage Bumper Crops And Beautiful Flowers.its Organic Fertiliser Is Released To Plants Over A Long Period And Because It Is Concentrated You Only Need A Couple Of Handfuls For Every Square Yard.unlike Fresh Manure Or Chemical Fertilisers Organic Extra Won't Scorch Plants So You Can Use It Everywhere.mix Into The Soil Surface Before Sowing And Planting Vegetable Crops To Aid Moisture Retention And Rapid Growth.use As A Top Dressing For Top Fruit. incorporate Into The Root Zone Before Planting Soft Fruit.incorporate During Winter Digging To Add Organic Matter.please Read The Growing Guide Below To Find Out What Dosage Of Organic Extra You Need For All Your Garden And Allotment Plants.

Shelter Logic Hawl It Wood Mover 0

Shelter Logic Hawl It Wood Mover

The Terrific Transporting Solution For Getting Timber From A To B. With Heavy-duty Tubular Steel Construction Have Peace Of Mind Your Hawl It Wood Mover Tackles All Terrain, Up And Down Slopes And Uneven Ground And Even Managing Stairs.layered With Premium Powder Coat Finish This Fantastic Vehicle Resists Chipping, Peeling, Rust And Corrosion. Slim Fit Design Allows Your Hawl It Wood Mover To Go Practically Anywhere And With Easy Tilt Pivot Point Manoeuvre The Vehicle Where You Need To.tackles All Terrains And All Weathers Including Settled Snow.

Bio-gro Black Gold Fertiliser 400g 0

Bio-gro Black Gold Fertiliser 400g

The Best Foliar Feed Around.mix Up The Concentrate With Water As Advised On The Tub And Spray The Solution Onto The Undersides And Tops Of Your Leaves Using A Spray Gun. This Gets Nutrients Straight To The Leaves.a Great Job To Do In The Morning When The Stomata (tiny Holes In Leaves) Are Open And Receptive To Water And Moisture. spray Guns, Otherwise Known As Diffusers, Are Easy To Buy Or Recycle Old Spray-gun Cleaners, Thoroughly Rinsing Out The Gun First.perfect For Leafy Crops Like Lettuce And Cabbage And An Immediate Tonic For Plants Such As Black Gold Fertiliser 400g Is A Natural, Concentrated Seaweed Fertiliser And Plant Health Supplement. Fully Soluble In Water, A 400g Tub Will Make Up To 800 Litres Of Super Rich Plant Feed That You Can Spray Onto The Leaves Of black Gold Hs70 Contains Concentrated Sargassum Extract. Its Rich Alginic Acid Content Stimulates Soil Micro-organisms Improving Soil Structure And Water-holding Capabilities.big Benefits Of Bio-gro Black Gold :makes Minerals And Trace Elements More Available, Enhancing Plant Health, Correcting Many Plant Health Deficienciesstimulates And Enhances Immunological Plant Functions, Reducing The Impact Of Insect And Fungal Attack And Diseaseincreases Anti-stress And Natural Repair Capabilities, Promoting Healthy Vigorous Growththe Advantages Of Black Gold's 4  Natural Plant Growth Regulators:these Play An Important Role In Cell Growth And The Synthesis Of Proteins, Carbohydrates And Chlorophyll. Plus- The Plant Health Regulators Have A Huge Impact On Resistance To Stress, Pests And Diseases, Improving  The Plants' Immune Systems.

Bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator 250ml 0

Bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator 250ml

The All-round Natural Plant Growth Supplement, Insect, Pest And Fungal Disease Suppressant, With No Inorganic Or Synthetic Chemicals.concentrated Natural Plant Health Supplement – Boosting Vigorous Healthy Growth, For Tastier, Nutrient-rich Fruit And Vegetables250ml Pack Makes Up To 55 Gallons/250 Litres!bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator Improves Growthstimulates Strong Plant And Root Growthunlocks And Adds Valuable Trace Element Availabilityincreases Yields With Better Quality, More Flavoursome Vegetables And Fruits That Stay Fresh Longerimproves Flower Setting Further Increasing Yieldsreduces Plant Stress , Improving Germination And Establishment When Planting Outimproves Frost And Drought Resistancebio-gro Plant Health Invigorator Reduces Pests & Diseasestriggers Plant Defence Mechanisms To Reduce Fungal  Infection, Including Blightcontrols Plant Pests-banishing: Slugs, Snails, Whitefly, Red Spider Mite And Weevilssuppresses Soil Borne Parasitic Cyst Nematodesreduces Potato Blight Disease by Up To 80% bio-gro Plant Health Invigorator Enhances Seed Germination And Seedlings Emergence Uniformity When Used As A 'seed Soak' Prior To Sowing.use Plant Protection Products Safely. Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use.

Horticultural Sand 20kg 0

Horticultural Sand 20kg

Horticultural Sand Has A Variety Of Essential Uses And Helps Root Health In Almost All Applications. Many Plants Demand Improved Drainage Over And Above The Normal.for Example Some Seeds Need Stimulation To Germinate And A Gritty, Sandy Growing Medium Abrades The Seed Surface And Encourages Roots To Grow Into The Compost.many Plants Can Be Increased By Taking Cuttings, But Hardwood Material That Takes Longer To Form Roots May Need Additional Stimulation.add Horticultural Sand To Your Cuttings Compost And The Abrasive Action Of The Sand On The Stems Will Encourage Faster And Better Roots To Form.compacted Lawns Become Waterlogged And This Leads To Root Damage. By Aerating The Lawn And Brushing Horticultural Sand Into The Resulting Holes, You Can Improve The Drainage Of The Lawn And Enhance The Root Health Of The Individual Grass Plants.for Easy Transplanting & Improving Lawn Drainageaids Cutting Establishment & Aerationreduces Root Damage During Pricking Outbreaks Up Heavy Soilsfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply.

Potting Grit 20kg 0

Potting Grit 20kg

improves Drainage & Opens Up Structuredecorative Finish For Pots, Containers & Rockeriesadds Weight To Pots & Containersideal For Anchoring Aquatic Plantsgive The Final Flourish To Your Container Collections And Alpine Gardens With Westland Potting Grit. Decorative As Well As Being A Must-have For Improving The Drainage Of Heavy Soils. mix With Compost To Enhance Drainage For Plants That Will Don't Tolerate Water-logging.westland Potting Grit Is Ideal For Mixing With Compost To Enhance Drainage. It Opens Up The Structure Of The Compost And Promotes Essential Air Pockets Around Plant Roots.its Clean, Uniform Appearance Makes It An Ideal Choice For Creating A Decorative Finish For Ponds And In Aquariums Too. It May Also A Useful Addition To Your Potting Benches When You're Potting On Your Favourite Flowers.for Orders Of Three Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply.

Seed & Cutting Compost 2 X 10ltr Bag 0

Seed & Cutting Compost 2 X 10ltr Bag

Save £1.00 By Buing 2 Bags Of Seed And Cutting Compost!improves Germination By 25%gro-sure Seed & Cutting Compost Is A Unique Formulation That Has Been Developed To Ensure The Best Results For Seed Germination As Well As Seedling And Cutting Contains A Fine Grade Vermiculite To Guarantee Good Drainage And Aeration And A Unique Blend Of Plant Extracts That Stimulates Healthy Growth.