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Bird Suet Cake Multipack With Free Feeder! 0

Bird Suet Cake Multipack With Free Feeder!

Save More Than £5 When You Buy This Bird Suet Cake Multipack With Free Feeder. This Collection Of 4 Energy-rich Suet Cakes Gives A Full Range Of Garden Birds The Chance To See Another Winter Cold Weather Can Kill If Birds Don’t Get Enough Energy By Day. Keep This To A Minimum By Providing Them With Suet Cakes Packed With Calories. Every Suet Cake Attracts A Different Type Of Bird.fruit And Berry Suet Cake- Attracts Thrushes, Finches And Waxwingspeanut Suet Cake Attracts Pretty Long Tailed Titssunflower Suet Cake Attracts Chaffinches And Greenfinches As Well As Blue Titsmealworm Suet Cake Is Loved By Robins And Dunnocksyou Receive A Free Feeder With These 300g 10cmx 10cm Energy-rich Cakes, Palatable For All Beaks.includes A Handy Hook So You Need Not Find Your Own String And You’re Ready To Hang Up Straight Away.

Peckish All Weather Suet Cake Feeder 0

Peckish All Weather Suet Cake Feeder

multiple Clinging Birds Can Feed At Oncerobust And Weatherproofperfect For Soap-block Cakes your All Weather Suet Cake Feeder Holds Square Suet Cakes Like Peckish 300g Complete Suet’s A Strong And Dependable Stainless Steel Cage, Built To Withstand A Range Of Uk Weather; And Particularly Robust To Adverse Winters.with Handy Built-in Hook We Suggest You Hook Your Feeder Onto A Nail In The Fence Or Over A Sturdy Branch So Garden Birds Can Perch Nearby And Take It In Turns To Feed.with Easy-opening Roof Lid Your Cake Stays Dry From Rain Above And It Is So Easy To Remove And Put Back On Again Once You Refill The Feeder.dimensions: 12.5cm (5 In).

Peckish All Season Suet Cakes X10 0

Peckish All Season Suet Cakes X10

multiple Clinging Birds Can Feed At Oncefills An Average Square Feederrobust 10cm X 10cm Suet Cakes Packed With Seeds 10 Square Suet Cakes Packed Full Of Nutritious Seeds All Bound With Natural Beef Fat Offers Your Favourite Garden Birds A Good Hit Of Slow-release Energy To See Them Through Stormy Weather In Winter.packed Full With Small Seeds Dari, Maize, Millet With Sunflower Hearts, Oats, Oatmeal And Peanut Pieces These Cakes Suit Many A Beak In The Garden. From Small-beaked Pretty Long-tailed Tits To Finches In All Colours These All-season Cakes Provide Nutrition And Energy To Your Feathered Friends.every Cake Is Treated To Calvita Vitamin Mix Which Gives Birds Their Daily Requirements Of Calcium, Carotenoids And Vitamins A, D And E.we Recommend You Buy A Suet Cake Feeder To House The Cakes So A Variety Of Birds Can Cling On The Outside Of The Feeder Simultaneously.your Suet Cakes Are Husk-free So You Don’t Come Across The Mess Of Empty Seed Cases And The Cakes Are 100% Edible To Your Birds So You Get More For Your Money.dimensions: 10 X 9cm X 9cm Cakes.