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Concentrated Brassica Feed - Pre-planting 0

Concentrated Brassica Feed – Pre-planting

easy To Sprinkle For Your Home-grown Greensnitrogen-rich Feed For Superior Cabbage Headsair-tight, Sealed Tub To Keep Fresh And Effectivethis Is The Perfect Pre-planting Fertiliser For Cabbages And Their Relatives (cauliflowers, Broccoli And Sprouts); It Has Just The Right Balance Of Nitrogen, Phosphorous And Potassium For Healthy Growth Once You Plant Your Brassicas Up.pre-planting Brassica Fertiliser Also Has Added Boron To Boost The Production Of Strong Roots And Shoots As Well As Manganese Which Plays A Major Part In Growth And Development Of Plants.our Fertiliser Comes In A Handy Re-sealable Sprinkler Dispenser For Safe And Easy Pouring. With Air-tight Lid The Fertiliser Within Stays Fresh And Effective For Longer So You Can Take Advantage Of It For More Than One Season. npk 27:6:6