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H2go Water Bag X1

A Fantastic Solution To Transporting Up To 20 Gallons ( 80 Litres) Of Water When No Hose Is Available. This Bag System Fits Perfectly In A Wheelbarrow And Fills Easily. You Can Then Simply Carry The Wheelbarrow And Decant Water Into Trugs, Cans Etc. For Watering Around The Garden.great For Transporting Water From Container To Container Or Small Tree To Tree, Especially If Newly Planted.other Uses Include Providing Water For Animals And Pets In Different Locations Like At A Stable Yard Or Farm, Or For Providing Water In Different Locations When Mixing Cement, Hard Core Etc. For Hard-landscaping. Need To Fill A Pond During A Hosepipe Ban – This Is Just The Solution You Need!easy To Store And Takes Little Room.