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Calabrese Plants - Komodo 0

Calabrese Plants – Komodo

The First Clubroot-resistant Broccoli-like Calabrese, Named By Our Own Head Of Horticulture James Oakey On Account Of Its Robustness And Full-flavour.resistant To Clubroot Means Less Strife To You And Frees You Of Troubleshooting Pesky Diseases. This Variety Produces Dense Deep-green Heads Of Calabrese Which Are Formed On A Compact Plant.enjoy Healthy Harvests Of Calabrese Komodo When They Will Be Ready From July. Enjoy Picking The Edible Heads Of Calabrese Under The Summer Sun And Harvests Will Last Into Autumn. So Dependable!we Recommend You Position Plants Outdoors In Rich Soil. Position Plants Every 12in (30cm) In A Row Which Will Give The Plants Enough Space To Develop Well And Produce You Lovely Edible Heads.keep Well-watered As Soon As You Receive Your Plants Until You Harvest Them From Mid-summer To Autumn To Your Calabrese Plants In Good Stead. Once You’ve Harvested Your Calabrese Heads Bring Them Into The Kitchen And Steam Them So They Retain Their Lovely Flavour.   how Your Plants Arriveyou Receive 16 Young Plants In Your Pack. Each Of Your Plants Arrive To You As Young Plants Containing A ‘plug’ Of Soil With Roots Running Through Them And Some Small Green Stems And Leaves.although They Are Little They Are The Perfect Size To Get Growing Fast Once You Plant Them Up.your Plants Will Arrive To You In A Sealed Plastic Wallet Or Container Contained In A Bubble-lined Envelope Or A Box For Larger Orders. The Sealed Container Allows Your Young Plants To Stay Healthy By Giving Them An Ideal Air And Root Environment When It Arrives To You.check Your 16 Plants Are There In The Plastic Container, According To Your Order.can’t Plant Straight Away?if You Cannot Plant Up Your Calabrese Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Can Place Your Plants On A Saucer Or Tray Of Water So The Plugs Are Immersed At The Beginning Of The Day. K

Broccoli Marathon (march Despatch)- Plants 0

Broccoli Marathon (march Despatch)- Plants

This Variety Of 'calabrese' Really Has Set The Standard For Performance, Yield And Quality. It Produces Medium Size, Uniform, Dense Heads Of Bluish-green 'beads' On Sturdy Plants That Will Grow Well In Almost Any Soil And Under Any Conditions.plants Despatched mid March For Cutting May-june. calabrese Has A Flavour That Some Find A Little Milder Than Sprouting Broccoli. Add To That A Shorter Growing Season And It Makes An Ideal Vegetable For Those Who Like Quicker Results.just Like Sprouting Broccoli, This ‘superfood' Is Packed Full Of Cancer-fighting Properties, Vitamins, Iron And Other Health-giving Benefits. Unlike Broccoli, Calabrese Does Not Cope Well With Having Its Roots All Young Brassicas, It Is Advisable To Use Netting Or Bird Scarers When Planting Out. the Extra Early Brassicas Have Been Sown In October And Overwintered Undercover With Frost Protection. The Plants Are Tough, Sturdy And Stocky Ready Hardened Off For Immediate Planting On Arrival. the Plants Will Not Look As Fresh As Spring Sown Plants but Don’t Be Alarmed! The Plants Will Be Taller And Have Some Yellow Leaves Which Will Either Fall Off Or Green Up As The Plant Gets Growing. The Plants Are Typical  Of Those Planted By Commercial Growers Up And Down The Country And Will thrive in Prepared Soil. these Plants Will Crop 6-8 Weeks earlier In Your Garden Than Spring Raised Crops And Give Your First Flush Of Produce From Your Garden – And What’s More Many Will Have Cropped Before Persistent Brassica Pests Are Around. ) Caterpillar And Whitefly. prepare Your Planting Bed Dig Over And Add Some Pre Planting Fertiliser, Rake Level And Walk Over The Bed Firming The Soil.- Brassicas Like Firm Soil. Lightly Rake The Surface Level Again.using A Dibber Or Trowel Make A Hole Deep Enough To Cover The Root Ball And The Neck Of The Plant. Water The Hole And Put The Plant In

Broccoli (calabrese) Marathon (june Despatch) - Plants 0

Broccoli (calabrese) Marathon (june Despatch) – Plants

This Variety Of 'calabrese' Really Has Set The Standard For Performance, Yield And Quality. It Produces Medium Sized, Uniform, Dense Heads Of Bluish-green 'beads' On Sturdy Plants That Will Grow Will In Almost Any Soil And Under Any Conditions.plants Will Be Available For Despatch In 3 Periods. Please Order Using The Correct Number.picking Late August Onwards.

Broccoli Extra Early Rudolph - Plants 0

Broccoli Extra Early Rudolph – Plants

ready To Harvest In Winter When Other Greens Are Scarcehigh-end Variety Of Broccolibrimming With Health Propertiesa Broccoli Variety We Recommend To Grow For Yourself On Your Own Plot For Well-sized Heads Full Of Tender Spears That You May Recognise On Supermarket Shelves In The High-end Range.enjoy The Superior And High-end Spears, Full Of Flavour And Attractive Health Properties. Only When You Grow The Plants Yourself You Avoid The High Prices At The Supermarket.  sprouting Broccoli Is So Good For You – So Full Of Vitamins And Anti-oxidants High In Cancer-fighting Phytochemicals. Give Your Plants A High-potash Liquid Feed When You First See The Florets Appear. This Will Give The Florets A Welcome Boost And Intensify The Purple Colour.