Blagdon Wildlife Pond – Tap Safe

Blagdon Wildlife Pond - Tap Safe

Liquid Solution Specially Formulated To Rid Chlorine And Heavy Metal Toxicity. Protects The Soft Skins Of Pond Wildlife Like Amphibians And Larvae Of Aquatic Acting Solution That Treats 2273 Litres (500 Gallons) Or A 6x6x2ft Pond. Distribute Dose Evenly Around The Surface Of The Pond.we Recommend That You Use Wildlife Pond Tap Safe Once You’ve Filled Up A New Pond For The First Time Or Any Time After You Top Up Your Pond With Tap Water.instructions:calculate The Volume Of Your Pond Using An Online Pond Volume Calculatorshake The Bottle Well.remove The Cap And Squeeze The Bottle To Fill The 25ml Dosage Chamber.1 X 25ml Treats 50 Gallons/227 To Use In Fish Ponds And Wildlife Ponds.250ml Bottle With Dose-measuring Chamber.

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Blagdon Wildlife Pond – Tap Safe
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Category: Pond Care Accessories
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